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Papa Johns launches collection of free NFT metaverse fashion accessories including pizza hot bag

The latest meta fashion accessories have been dropped for free as the latest collection of Papa John’s’ “Food Meets Fashion” collaboration.

Papa John’s debut NFT collection ironically turns a traditional pizza hot bag into the most desirable fashion accessory for a night out. Metaverse..

Nine hot bag designs are available, including “Papa 1984,” “Papa Cheese Melt,” and “Papa Tag,” each available in three colors, for all pizza and fashion fans. Current NFT hype.. And while it’s still hot on the website, you’ll get a record number of 19,840 NFTs for anyone to use anywhere.

The “Papa 1984” NFT bag is inspired by Gen Z trends in insulated streetwear, using the echo of a thermal pizza hot bag blended as a unique fashion accessory.

It also features a repeating logo and a practical and adjustable crossbody strap next to the tote handle. This NFT design is available in three block colorways with color pop tags.

The “Papa Cheese Melt” and “Papa Tag” NFT bags incorporate street art graffiti graphics and dance fashion styling, highlighting the hip-hop scene when Papa John’s opened in 1984. increase.

Papa John’s NFT Hot Bag was cast in Tezos

NFT hotbags are the second ironic fashion collection from Papa John’s. Last year, Papa John’s took one of the world’s most popular cheeses, cheddar cheese, and raised its fashion position with its own streetwear collection sold through the international fashion marketplace Depop.

A limited number of real-world hot bags are also available at Depop, one of which is NFT microsite According to one person who redeemed the NFT between now and April 12, 2022.

The Papa Johns NFT hotbag is manufactured on Tezos, an energy efficient blockchain. In other words, NFTs are also energy efficient.

Bags are sold out rapidly, but more NFTS are declining throughout March.

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