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Ozzy Osbourne ‘CryptoBatz’ NFT for Sale: Release Date, Unique Features and How to Buy NFT Bats

Iconic heavy metal music star Ozzy Osbourne presents his first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called “Crypto Batz”. This incoming crypto coin has the unique ability to “bite” another NFT and mutate it into a “Mutant Batz”.

Interested fans should prepare their investment for the pre-sale of the Ozzy Osbourne CryptoBatz NFT.

according to NME, “I’ve been trying to get involved in NFT actions for a while, so when I asked Sharon for a boring ape for Christmas after several failures trying to buy herself, she said no. . “

Osbourne said, “CryptoBatz is a spiritual project for NFT collectors and fans. This design pays homage to one of my most iconic on-stage moments and wins a rare art history. This is your chance. I love you! “

CryptoBatz NFT: Unique features

Osborne mentions his infamous moment at a 1982 concert.Between Live performance At Des Moines, Iowa, a musician bit the bat’s head on stage. The iconic scene left a strong impression on fans and the internet.

The Osbournes NFT ideally relives the same insane hype. According to NME, NFT CryptoBatz can be created by modifying new tokens from “biting” NFTs. This feature is available for NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, SupDucks and Cryptotoadz. The new token formed is called “Mutant Batz”.

In addition to CryptoBatz and MutantBatz, the Osbourne NFT collection has a third set called Ancient Batz. These are crypto tokens hidden around the world in a kind of digital treasure hunt. Fans with these Ancient Batz NFTs can chew up to 100 NFTs and breed up to 100 Mutant Batz.

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CryptoBatz NFT: How to Participate in the Osbourne NFT Sale

According to NME, pre-sale of the CryptoBatz collection has already started on the Discord channel. Interested fans are encouraged to search for an invitation link to the group to participate in the sale. It is undecided how long this sale will last and whether the inventory is already completely sold out.

Public minting will officially begin in early February, allowing investors to mint up to three NFTs per digital wallet. It is difficult to determine the trading market to sell or trade this unique NFT, as details about the industry itself are not provided very often.

At this time, it is also difficult to determine whether this unique crypto coin will succeed or fail in development. It’s difficult to classify the value of these NFTs because the entire industry relies on fan hype and adoption. Anyway, some fans may be interested in buying tokens.

In general, fans who want to support Osborne or cryptocurrencies can contact the industry for discordant links.Fans are also encouraged to keep an eye on the latest information on these new markets through traders such as: CoinGecko When Pancake swap..

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