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Orta’s First-Ever NFT Supports Sustainable Agriculture – Sourcing Journal

Alter Anador is the latest development NFT For denim heads. Turkish denim makers recently used 100% recycled cotton and nodded to debut the Blueskyer NFT, a virtual representation of the newly designed jumpsuit. Regenerative agriculture Effort.

The jumpsuit was first shown in Kingpins Amsterdam last month. Revenues from NFT sales help farmers move to more sustainable farming practices.

NFT represents a digital display of a jumpsuit that travels through a fictional world of vibrant colors. Alter It describes it as “a solar-punk-inspired, techno-organic future world we want to live in.” Surrounded by the vibrant colors of nature, the digital jump suit represents society’s desire to dance to the sound bite of a jazz guitar and cancel climate change.

“To break away from the culture of waste and carbon-intensive processes and move the industry forward, we need to adopt the idea of ​​the blue sky,” said Sedef UncuAki, director of Orta Anadolu. “At Alter, we want to build a regenerative platform that is a system transformation in the denim industry through exciting innovation, open source technology and collective action. Only then can we be more optimistic and reproducible tomorrow. Will truly realize the denim industry. “

Orta has taken a sustainable approach to all elements, down to the platform on which the NFT was sold. NFTs are created by Tezos, an energy efficient proof of stake blockchain. The platform produces carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to only 17 people after 50 million transactions. This is significantly less than its decentralized rivals.

NFTs are one of 100 and can be purchased from the NFT Marketplace Rarible for 5 XTZ. That’s about $ 14.

The company recently announced in DecemberMetaDENIMverse.. Released in the “Open Ticket” collection of stretch denim.Before that, it announced online virtual reality (VR) A trip where a partner can ride a virtual hot air balloon and see new fabrics.

Orta joins many denim leaders making their way into space. Earlier this month, Gap unveiled its NFT collection featuring both digital and physical products, including a unique digital variety jacket designed by campaign stars and designers. Dappel Dan And the physical version of the special edition he signed. The brand held a 48-hour auction of NFTs designed in collaboration with designers.

Italian denim label diesel Also involved, in March we debuted D: VERSE, a new platform that hosts both physical and virtual products. For its debut collection, D: VERSE provided a hero piece from the 2022 Fall / Winter presentation recently exhibited in Milan. The collection includes three items: fur jackets, puff jackets and prototypes. The brand’s creative director, Glenmartens’ first sneaker, features colorful accents, asymmetric laces and a rubber overlay throughout the upper.

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