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OPINION: Teach MLK, not CRT – Orange Leader

There is a critical question about the growing number of critical race theory enthusiasts, especially Christian leftists: how did MLK do what he did without the CRT?

So how did Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. achieve what he did without critical racial theory? MLK preceded the rising CRT in the 1970s and has since expanded explosively at American universities. King was assassinated in 1968.

Some more questions:

How did Rosa Parks do what she did without this very narrow ideological theory known as the CRT?

How about Thurgood Marshall?

How did the NAACP, founded in 1909, get going without a CRT?

What about Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy, John Lewis, Freedom Riders?

What about Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass?

How about Abraham Lincoln?

Juneteenth has always preceded critical race theory. Why was it possible?

Returning to Rev. King, how could he achieve what he did without critical racial theory? The answer is clear. MLK did not require a CRT. Neither of these other numbers was. You don’t do it either.

In fact, King would have rejected the CRT because of its roots in the critical Marxist theory of destructive origin. Frankfurt School..

We asked King’s prominent biographer (and certainly not conservative) David Gallow about King and the CRT. “It doesn’t matter because the CRT is later than him,” Garrow told me. “But MLK would definitely reject the classification of humans based on identity.”

No questions. For King, you should have been judged by the content of your individual character, rather than being grouped into ethnic categories based on your skin color. You were a child of God made in the image of God. You were defined as a person, not stereotyped by group.

As St. Paul said, “There are no Jews or Gentiles, no slaves, no freedom, no men or women, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:). 28).

Of course, the Christian belief, which was the belief of the king, rejects the classification of human beings based on these identities.

The King’s companion who survived him certainly rejected the CRT.

Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker was near Rev. King. He states: “Today,” remedies “such as the increasingly fashionable post-Marxist / post-modernist approach that analyzes society as an institutional collective power structure rather than at the spiritual or one-on-one human level, such as critical race theory. Is too much. It is leading us in the wrong direction. Even school children are divided into distinct racial groups, emphasizing differences rather than similarities. Walker emphasized: “The roots of a CRT are planted in a completely different intellectual soil. It begins with a” block “(like Marxism, each person is assigned to an identity or economic block).

For the record, I am constantly asked about Rev. King’s views on Marxism and socialism. The more frustrating and infamous they are, the harder it is to identify. Gallow put King in a sort of “democratic socialist” camp, perhaps closer to what Catholic Michael Harrington of “social justice” first envisioned when he founded the Democratic Socialists of America in the early 1980s. did. DSA today— Alexandria Ocasio-DSA of Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Cori Bush. DSA today Saturated with members who sympathize with Marxism —What that leadership calls “our 94,915 comrades”-And atheistically (and again) Violently anti-Israeli, if not anti-Semitic). Harrington would have been very annoyed by this.

It was exactly communist atheism that plagued Rev. King.

“Communism is openly secular and materialistic, and there is no place for God.” King of attention.. “I strongly opposed the ethical relativism of Communism. There is no fixed and unchanging principle because Communists have neither a sacred government nor an absolute moral order. As a result, power, violence. Almost everything, such as murders and lies, is a legitimate means of achieving the goals of the “millennial generation.” “

King would have violently rejected the Marxist embrace by: BLM founder Patrice Colors, A strong supporter of critical theories in general, especially CRTs. “We are trained Marxists,” says Colors. “We are very familiar [in] Idealism theory. “

If only Colors knew what the terrible racist Karl Marx was.I’m writing about this in detail article When Book.. Both Marx and Engels flew badly around the n-word. That is, the actual American English racial adjective for blacks. Reading the letter between Marx and Engels in German and being hit by an n-word jumping off the page is alarming.

Of course, Colors probably doesn’t know that. She went to our college. She would have learned only good things about Marx and Engels, and about critical theory.

Dr. King will react to a statement at Thanksgiving that seems to have blown up what the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation of Colors has dubbed “white supremacist capitalism.” Declared statement: “White supremacist capitalism uses police to protect profits and steal black lives. Skip Black Friday sales and buy exclusively from black-owned companies. A shocking statement continued: “Capitalism does not love blacks.”

It’s hard to imagine Rev. King engaging in a similar deeply divided Marxist rhetoric. This can happen when the ugly ghosts of communism are dragged into civil rights. Divide. That’s what Marxism has always done. It is a toxic and corrosive ideology.

All of that goes back to my first question. Why do so many people on the left, especially the Christian Left, feel the need to embrace critical racial theory to teach about the country’s past racial sins? Believe me, I know. Unfortunately, especially in modern times, I’m constantly being asked to write about CRTs, so I’m constantly listening to them.

Given that CRTs are split, modern topics are rarely split, which is not surprising. It divides people into the oppressed and oppressed categories and into groups that are in opposition to each other. And your group defines you. This is certainly flying in the face of the Jewish and Christian concepts of every individual as a child of God.

On the contrary, King, Parks and others united everyone in their struggle. Indeed, they were opposed by the racists of the time. But today, they are national symbols and are widely respected, if not respected by all sides.

We have grown so much that we now have a national holiday for King. Everyone celebrates it. It was approved by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, even considering Reagan’s early questions about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. When Reagan was first asked about the King’s holiday at a press conference on May 10, 1982, he said without hesitation. We would like to express our deepest sympathies. I know what he means and what he means for the movements that I think are important to all of us. After ordering his administration to consider the cost of such a federal holiday, he approved it in August 1983.

Today everyone approves it.

A person like King pulls together. Critical race theory collapses. Oddly enough, that’s why it’s been rejected for so long until it’s recently been accepted not only by many religious leftists, but also by many broader political leftists.

But not everyone on the left.Liberal that extends to things like Bill Maher To Andrew Sullivan To John McWhorter To James Carville Firmly reject it and accept it.The whole group like 1776 Unity Project, Carol Swain, Glen Lowry, Bob Woodson, Shelby Steele, Wilfred Riley, Dozens more It was born to counter the effects of CRTs.

Inspiring people and taking them to better angels is a wonderful piece like the letter of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Birmingham Prison, Robin DiAngelo, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Richard Delgado, Ibram X. Kendy. It is not the work of a CRT writer like.

It reminds me, as I said earlier in this space Always call attention To Christian Left Christians who feel weird to say sympathy for Marxism: If you want to help the poor, just follow the gospel and the teachings of Jesus.Reasons to follow Military atheistic communism Just because Karl Marx was talking about helping the poor as well? It’s ridiculous. Marxists violently reject religion.. Just as Marxists cannot claim ownership of workers’ rights, critical race theorists do not suddenly claim ownership of civil rights.

Religious leftists have long been easily manipulated by a radical theory that has been repackaged and dressed up with a fairly pink bow. They are very naive to many of these harmful idealistic concepts, which Marxist practitioners have long known and targeted them.I wrote 700-page book In the subject. Again, they should simply stick to the gospel. Go to Christ. You don’t have to go to something rooted in Marx. It’s not fruit from a healthy tree.

Especially for those of us educated at Christian colleges, this is when King does what was in his cell in Birmingham: Appeals to the Gospel, Jewish and Christian Teachings, Natural Law, Jesus, St. Paul. , Augustine, Aquinas, Karl Marx and not a theory developed from the ideas of the Frankfurt school.

Critical race theory is doing what it is designed to do: divide people. We need to unite people around the truth. Teach MLK instead of CRT.

Dr. Paul Kengor is a professor of political science and Institute for Face and Freedom At Globe City University. One of his latest books (August 2020) is the Devil and Karl Marx: Communist Death, Deception, and a Long March of Penetration. He is also the author of the Pope and President: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the extraordinary secrets of the 20th century (April 2017) and the 11 principles of the Reagan Conservatives. His other books include Communists: Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama’s Mentor and Dupe’s Secret Story: How American Adversaries Manipulated Progressivists for a Century.

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