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OpenSea top-10 NFT projects soar as new liquidity enters the market

Spring has come. Along with that, a new non-fungible token (NFT) has awakened. Total sales recovered to $ 20 billion in the last week of March, but the indicator plummeted to $ 17.6 billion from mid-April.

However, on April 16th, the newly landed Moonbirds NFT brought more than $ 280 million in liquidity to the market, with rumors of land loss on the Other side of Yuga Labs, and total NFT sales steadily. There was an increasing trend.

NFT 30-day market capitalization / volume. Source:

Over the past seven days, the sector’s market capitalization has increased by more than 3% to about $ 18.6 billion, with totals exceeding $ 1.65 billion and increasing by nearly 37%.

It has not yet been determined if the phrase “the ebb and flow of the tide lifts all boats” applies to the NFT market, but it could circulate in liquidity NFTs and upcoming collections. I have.

The volume of the good layer is muted, how long is it?

Liquidity has already reached the top NFT in total sales, with the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) increasing by more than 200% over the past seven days.

MAYC 7-day market capitalization / volume. Source.

As the number of NFT holders and buyers grows, projects and investors aim to build a mutually valuable ecosystem.

CloneX at RTFKT Studios has emphasized that the next phase of development will focus on building the ecosystem. CloneX is riding a stable wave, about 18 Ether (ETH) ($ 53,073). However, the mysterious MNLTH NFT, which was airdropped on all CloneX holders, has surged to over 11 Ether in the last seven days as it is no longer a mystery box. Its content reveals Nike’s first NFT CryptoKicks with customizable features, DNA vials for future forging events, and MNLTH2. For each MNLTH burned, the items acquired are currently worth at least $ 26,000. The Murakami RTFKT skin vial was also recently sold for 72 Ether ($ 212,976).

Some projects focus on ecosystems, while others focus on common interests and exclusivity.

Created by Kevin Rose, PROOF Collective is a members-only project that launched Moonbirds NFT, and many traders were shocked by the $ 354 million volume generated within a week. Surprisingly, Moonbirds almost reversed the NFTs of good tiers like Doodles to increase their totals.

The current minimum price for Moonbirds has risen by more than 390% since it hit the secondary market and is trading at 33.5 Ether ($ 96,447.84) at the time of writing.

The lowest price for Moonbird.Source: NFT minimum charge

Residents of NFTs have spoken out about the legitimacy of explosive growth, especially since then. publication An NFT presented to celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Steve Aoki, Pussy Riot, New York Gallery and Springberg Gallery.

Some NFT collectors speculate that Moonbirds will remove liquidity from the market, but the data show that the opposite is true. Total OpenSea sales in 24 hours gain It’s almost tripled from $ 66.7 million on April 15th to over $ 177.5 million when Moonbirds went on sale on April 16th.

To date, NFT prices have continued to rise, and high-end NFTs are pushing up overall total sales. There is a gap in sentiment about the Moonbird phenomenon, which may have been a necessary increase in market liquidity.

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NFT project preparing for launch

Common NFTs are stagnant, and market-wide sentiment strategically invests from traditional roadmaps and quick flips into projects and teams set up to deliver what investors believe to be in the coming years. I came to do it. NFT investors are on the lookout for projects that can seamlessly cross culture and community while providing value.

As a result, authors and developers are moving away from static PFP again, aiming to provide more dynamic functionality to their respective collectors.

For example, Anata NFT, launched on April 21, is a collection of 2,000 avatars created by the owner to embody. Anata NFT uses a webcam to track and mimic facial expressions and other movements. Inspired by anime, NFTs are suitable for Web3 professionals who take anonymity seriously.

Minting was done through ranked auctions starting at 0.25 Ether ($ 752) and was limited to 3 NFT per wallet. The bid ends at 5.35 Ether and 50% of the net income will be allocated to DAO.Maximum bid was The second highest bidder with 69.42 Ether ($ 209,306) and 10 Ether ($ 30,150). This incredible niche NFT, which looks like expected, is below OpenSea’s closing auction price at 3.49 Ether ($ 10,290).

With the launch of public mint by the recently advertised NFT collection Akutars, auctions have the potential to become the new standard for NFT drops. In a true Dutch auction format, all bidders pay the same price as the (last) minimum bid. With this in mind, Akutars started the auction at 3.5 Ether ($ 10,552) and ended at 2.1 Ether ($ 6,211).

However, the white hat shop revealed that the contract was not properly written and was vulnerable to misuse, and frozen funds to confront the developers of the Aku team about their accident.

As a result, I just misplaced a line of code for $ 34 million and locked it indefinitely.The team has been since Admitted The downside is that we have been promoting the distribution of funds to all bidders, including the 0.5 Ether discount granted to all Aku Mint Pass holders who bid.

Aku Mint Pass NFT grants Akutar to each owner. Its all-time high has risen above 4 Ether ($ 12,060), suggesting that the community can price it when the PFP hits the secondary market.

The sleeping giant Ragnarok seems to be a PFP collection aimed at unlocking access to the game-like Metaverse. Multiplayer Online (MMO) will be available on April 27th, combining elements of lore, Web3, social features and role-playing games.

Dynamic NFTs are expected to allow owners to trade, acquire and own digital real estate, and 4,500 Ronin Zeros will be unveiled at a Dutch auction starting between 0.5Ether and 0.1Ether.

It will be interesting to see where collectors are consolidating and confident, as old and new liquidity circulates in the NFT market and awaits the launch of the long-awaited project.

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