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OpenSea teases Solana NFT support; MetaMask mobile wallet integrates Apple Pay

OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace, is almost confirming that it will soon integrate Solana NFT functionality.

In a tweet (see below), OpenSea teased Solana NFT support with a 16-second video and caption “The Best Secrets in web3.” A video was also shown: “Wen Solana?” Before confirming, a bunch of various Solana-based NFTs: “April 2022”.

Rumors of Solana NFT support have been around all year round. For example, in January, tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong found a reference to Solana as a supported blockchain while reverse engineering an OpenSea website. She shared it on twitter..

Rumors are now largely substantiated, and OpenSea can gain an edge in the battle of the NFT marketplace, but there may be competition with the next launch. Coinbase NFTStill “coming soon”.

In March, OpenSea earned 1.7 million ETH (about US $ 5.8 billion) in sales, according to data collected by. Dune analysis.. Ethereum-based NFTs are the most widely developed and traded to date, but the integration of Solana could significantly increase the volume of this type of OpenSea.

One of the sure things is Magic Eden. We recently raised US $ 27 million in Series A funding. We will cut down on that work to maintain our position as a major Solana NFT market.

MetaMask announces Apple Pay integration and more

Need more options to buy crypto? MetaMask has covered you. The widely used cryptographic software wallet has added a new payment gateway to mobile wallets for iOS users.

According to a series of tweets, MetaMask will allow iPhone users to purchase cryptocurrencies from mobile applications using Visa and Mastercard debit cards or credit cards stored in Apple Pay.

This effectively eliminates the need to transfer ETH from centralized exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance to your application to add funds.

MetaMask states that with a daily deposit of up to $ 400, gas charges for these transactions can be kept low.

In addition, the wallet app owned by ConsenSys also integrates Apple’s “dark mode” feature, which seems to be very popular with iPhone users.

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