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OpenSea NFT Marketplace Review – Forbes Advisor

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OpenSea is an Non-fungible token, known as the largest NFT Marketplace In today’s world, OpenSea plays a central role in the NFT ecosystem.

What is open sea?

OpenSea is an easy-to-use NFT platform that is perfect for beginners and experts alike. You can set up an account for free and immediately start browsing our huge selection of non-fungible tokens.

The platform has an excellent suite of tools for creating NFTs in a process called Mint. There is a free minting feature called “Lazy Minting” that reduces the annoying gas fees associated with trading.

OpenSea’s versatility is second to none.Not only does it offer a wide range of NFTs, it also supports multiple blockchains. ethereum A platform that supports the purchase and sale of NFTs based on (ETH) polygon (matic), Solana (SOL), Arbitrum (ARB), Clayton (KLAY).

OpenSea’s offering contrasts with competitors’ markets, which typically focus on just one blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies can be intimidating, especially when it comes to wallets and seed phrases, but the OpenSea platform is about as intuitive as you can expect in the space.

OpenSea Fee

OpenSea charges a fee equal to 2.5% of all transactions. To complete an NFT transaction in Ethereum (ETH), you will also need to pay gas fees. And if you were hoping that Ethereum’s network upgrade, known as a merge, would reduce your gas bill, think again. The Ethereum Foundation revealed in August 2022 that while the network’s energy consumption is expected to be reduced by more than 99%, the consolidation will not reduce gas prices.

Most NFTs live on Ethereum. Therefore, consumers are often offered exorbitant gas prices to buy and sell many NFTs on OpenSea. These fees can run into the hundreds of dollars, not to mention that creator fees are often charged on transactions. Other blockchains supported by the platform often have lower fees.

OpenSea Controversy

OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, has been no stranger to controversy. There were serious insider trading allegations filed against managers, as well as plagiarism and spam issues.

A former product manager has been charged with alleging that he purchased NFTs from the collection, then chose to feature them on OpenSea’s homepage, then sold them for a profit.

In a January 2022 tweet, OpenSea revealed that over 80% of works created via free mining tools are “plagiarism, fake collections, and spam.”

Attacks have happened before, with a phishing attack earlier this year stealing an estimated $1.7 million worth of NFTs. Boad Ape Yacht Club (Basie).

Advantages of OpenSea

  • several payment methods. The US-based market offers multiple payment methods such as ETH, SOL, Avalanche (AVAX), us dollar coin (USDC) and DAI.
  • free mint. Creators can easily launch collections on the platform. According to the site, “OpenSea Collection Manager allows creators to create her NFTs without upfront gas bills, as NFTs are not transferred on-chain until the first purchase or transfer is made.”
  • High trading volume. But OpenSea’s main advantage is the network effect it brings with it’s scale. Just as Amazon brings the advantage of offering almost anything they want, OpenSea has much higher trading volume and liquidity than any other market, empowering creators, buyers and sellers.

Disadvantages of open sea

  • Highly centralized exchange. OpenSea’s size may be viewed as a disadvantage by some. Cryptocurrencies are built on the idea of ​​decentralization. This is about distributing power to the masses rather than large centralized entities. But OpenSea is really a centralized company, a big company.
  • Delisting of some NFTs. The pitfalls of this can be seen in regards to the controversial decision to censor or ban certain NFT collections. OpenSea delisted several Azuki NFTs in his October, which represent the best NFTs. But apparently it was an accident due to a technical error.
  • costly fees. The strength of the market that OpenSea has means it has pricing power when it comes to fees. The 2.5% transaction fee is high, but it doesn’t stand out from the competition, and while this hasn’t happened so far, the company has the discretion to change this at any time.
  • gas prices are high. High gas fees are a result of the Ethereum blockchain, where most NFTs live, rather than OpenSea itself, but it is still a drawback of trading on the platform.

OpenSea vs. Competitors

Apart from OpenSea, Rarible is probably the most well-known NFT marketplace. One notable difference with OpenSea is the ease of credit card transactions. This means that transactions can be completed in fiat currency.

Rarible also has a native token, RARI, where you can vote on governance issues, as opposed to OpenSea, which operates like a more traditional centralized company.

Another competitor is SuperRare, which has established itself as a more high-end marketplace with fewer memes than other websites.

Elsewhere, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, binancewill launch its own NFT marketplace in June 2021 to sell digital artwork and merchandise. Not to be outdone, Coinbase followed suit with its own iteration in his May 2022.

Therefore, even though the amount of NFTs has decreased, competition in this area remains high. However, OpenSea remains his largest and most recognizable NFT marketplace, at least for now, and it’s not particularly close.

OpenSea compatible wallet

many different crypto wallet Available in OpenSea. Examples include MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Phantom and TrustWallet.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list, support section OpenSea has more information.

OpenSea FAQ

How do I purchase NFTs on OpenSea?

The first step required to purchase NFTs is to obtain the cryptocurrency required for the purchase. This means opening a crypto wallet with many options on the market.

Then go to the OpenSea home page and you can connect your wallet at the top right of the screen. Once you have raised funds in one of the supported cryptocurrencies mentioned above, you are ready to purchase NFTs.

Art, music, trading cards and much more to choose from. Once you’ve decided which NFTs to buy for her, you can either present an offer at a pre-set price by the seller or select “buy now”.

After confirmation, you will need to pay the gas fee to confirm the transaction before the NFT will appear in your collection on your profile page.

How can I sell NFTs on OpenSea?

When the time comes that you want to sell that NFT, listing it is easy.Assuming your wallet is already connected, go to your collection and[Sell]Choose. You can then choose to list your NFT as an auction or as a fixed sale.

Between the gas fee, the creator fee of up to 10%, and OpenSea’s 2.5% fee, remember that what you end up receiving can be significantly lower than the NFT listing price.

How do I create an NFT with OpenSea?

To create the NFT,[作成]Go to section. After uploading the NFT, you need to fill in all the information like name, description and other properties.

There is a one-time surcharge for first-time sellers on top of the normal gas price. Note that like all gas fees, this fee will change over time depending on how busy the blockchain is. The more congested the blockchain, the higher the gas fee paid.

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