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OpenSea NFT Market Hits Trading Volume Rise For The First Time This Year

Since the beginning of 2023, the value of virtual currency has continued to rise, crypto space I can’t wait to finally recover from last year’s crash.A particularly long-awaited rise NFTs Trading volume is finally here.

high seas For the first time this year, ETH-based NFT trading volume increased. As of Jan. 23, OpenSea has reached his $368 million total NFT sales, his highest since August 2022. This 33.5% increase greatly contributes to the current market situation and brings hope to NFT users.

Last year in the same month, the volume milestone for ETH-based NFTs on OpenSea was smashed in both USD and USD. ethereum There will be further declines in June 2022, and the industry has not fully recovered since then.

Meanwhile, the top 15 most popular ETH-based NFT collections also saw sales increases last month. clearly, Yuga LabSix NFT collections recorded the highest transaction volume (over 50%) on the Ethereum blockchain.

Despite the huge number of NFT blockchains growing in the industry, none yet compete with Ethereum. Solana Additionally, ImmutableX, Cardano, and polygon ranked among the top 5 highest-grossing NFTs.

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