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OpenSea monthly volumes top $5B as NFTs continue to mainstream

Over the past two weeks, Azuki, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CloneX and Mutant Ape Yacht Club have seen significant increases in floor prices and total sales. In the last seven days alone, all four projects have generated an estimated $ 365.9 million in value, according to OpenSea data.

While the crypto market is steadily recovering from its long blood bath, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces like LooksRare and OpenSea consistently generate a total of about $ 100 million per day.

Looks rare vs. OpenSea volume per day. Source: Dune analysis

Crypto Twitter Express While their speculation in the market these days has spurred good momentum, others are hoping that their holdings will appear in the Super Bowl, a bag-pumping event in their portfolio.

The combination of the two is possible, but the NFT project is also gaining momentum with recent developments, and steady leaks are pushing up the average daily price for each collection. According to the data, the top five collections have increased the average daily price by at least 5%, and adzuki beans have shown an astonishing 55% increase over the last seven days.

Azuki 7 days average price / volume. Source: OpenSea Azuki

Collectors choose to drink red beans with red beans

Azuki’s NFT collection hinted at the matrix with that version of the red pill and instead entered the ecosystem by calling it azuki. Ultimately, it turns out that Azuki is an animated avatar that gives users access to the Azuki Garden. The anime collection seems to have long been desired as it continues to fascinate collectors with its art and folklore.

According to Dune Analytics, Azuki floor prices have risen 163% from a substantial 4.29 Ethereum (ETH) to the current 11.29 Ethereum since it was announced on January 21, 2022.

Azuki OpenSea’s daily floor volume and transactions. Source: DuneAnalytics @Cryptano

The number of unique wallets that own Azuki is also growing steadily, and an important impetus is the announcement date. Azuki’s Top 50 wallet holders show that there are quite a few collectors and the top wallet holds more than 150 NFTs.

The ability of the project to attract the attention of collectors has greatly contributed to Azuki’s success. However, the slanderer seems to be checking the reality by comparing the project with another anime-inspired collection, 0N1 Force.

Members of the community are probably prejudiced, disagreeable, and say the difference between the two teams is day and night. Over time, it will be clear whether Azuki will continue to skyrocket and remain at the top of the volume chart, or how quickly it can recover from an imminent fix.

CloneX aims to be the top in total sales

CloneX featuring Takashi Mura Kumi, created by RTFKT Studios, has skyrocketed 381% in the past week. The minimum price is 17 Ether ($ 47,158), but buyers are still flocking to the collection.

RTFKT Studios was acquired by NIKE, but it still doesn’t prevent the team from uniting the community. For example, this week, RTFKT shared the news of two NFT airdrops this week.Chapter 2 Airdrop szn.. ”

In light of these teaser tweets from RTFKT, CloneX owners are worried about what could be dropped and are preparing a snapshot for Thursday, February 3, 2022. .. RTFKT Studio rewards owners of any part of the collection, including CloneX vials. Avatar and space pod.

Apes exceed 100 ETH floors

3LAU is the history maker of the entire NFT ecosystem, and the artist shook again when the last Bored Ape was purchased before the project reached 100 Ethereum.

Since its historic sale, singer Justin Bieber has “in favor” of buying a 500 Ether floor BAYC, forcing some owners to get angry, frustrated and confused.

Whether or not Beaver’s move was a marketing strategy, BAYC has increased its total volume by 113.16% over the past seven days. Still, according to OpenSea, it has lost the top spot in total sales and lags behind Azuki and CloneX.

OpenSea’s rival Looks Rare is drawing another picture in the collection, probably further down the chart. Permanent costume transaction from other collections..

LookRare’s BAYC collection totaled over $ 42.1 million, and OpenSea generated more than double that ($ 87.7 million) in just seven days.

BAYC 7-day average price / volume. Source: OpenSea Boring Ape Yacht Club

According to DappRadar, the price doesn’t discourage buyers. Over the last seven days, BAYC has increased the number of traders by nearly 74%. Beaver showed what purchasing power looks like when liquidity is available after playing to assign obscene value to apes on the floor.

Apes appear to resonate with celebrities, so it may not be the first time you’ve seen another whale splash.