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OpenSea launches verified customer support to fight Discord scammers

On Tuesday, OpenSea and Metalink, an NFT communication platform, announced a new partnership aimed at preventing social engineering attacks carried out through Discord DM.As The Verge As previously reported, some credit scammers Pretending to be a customer service agent OpenSea’s official Discord server tricks NFT holders into sharing details and gives scammers control over their crypto wallets.

OpenSea wants to mitigate these scams by using Metalink, which operates a “tokengate” communication platform, so that only users with a particular NFT can access the cryptocurrency wallet. Doing so will connect with authenticated OpenSea support personnel and, in theory, eliminate potential scammers from the loop.

“OpenSea will partner with Metalink to deepen its involvement with the NFT ecosystem,” said Steve Tromberg, OpenSea Community Head. “Our goal is to interact with OpenSea for support, provide feedback, stay up to date, and share other information that can help us provide better service.” Is to create. “

According to the partnership announcement email, staff spend several hours each day processing support requests through the Metalink platform, initially these requests are sent to users holding NFTs from Metalink’s supported collections. Limited: Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women, Cyber ​​Kongz, and a few others.

Safety announcement shared on the official OpenSea Discord.

On the OpenSea side, this announcement implicitly suggests that Discord, a community-building platform for cryptocurrencies and NFT projects, is no longer the best channel to provide priority customer support.

For social engineering attacks Annoying NFT discord In general, chat platforms state that they are making further efforts to prevent the occurrence of these attacks. But OpenSea, Dominant power in the NFT economyCan keep pushing the message “All DMs are scams” before pressure is applied.

OpenSea’s Discord server remains active and will continue to be used for many other types of official messaging from the company. However, the move to another service for sensitive communications may allow other NFT projects to consider options.

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