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OpenSea Just Gave $100,000 to the Buzzy DAO Friends With Benefits to Commission Art and Take Over Its Homepage

high seas, The world’s largest NFT marketplace flipped its homepage on Friday to reveal the hottest DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). Friends With Benefits was founded in his 2020 by Trevor McFedries. interview The magazine is debuting 10 new commissioned artworks as part of a project called ‘The Flock’.

Artists and DAO members include contemporary artists Andrew Benson, Ayaka Ohira, Case Simmons, Ezra Miller, Nile Ashley, Nick Hamilton, Petra Courtright, Sarah Zucker, Tyler Givens and Vivian Hu. included.musician

OpenSea paid $100,000 to commission NFT art, splitting it evenly among 10 artists. And in another example of the Phygital initiative, physical artwork will be exhibited for the first time next weekend (August 12-14). FWB Festat the Idyllwild Arts Academy in the San Jacinto Mountains, California.

“FWB is a social DAO, focused on the fusion of cryptocurrency and culture,” Lindsay Howard, DAO brand head, told Artnet News. Private his online focused on blockchain fans and artists Memberships for his community come in the form of tokens and networking takes place on his Discord channel. It has about 3,000 members to date, including musicians Erykah Badu and his Azealia Banks.

Andrew Benson wilting (2022). Commissioned by OpenSea and FWB.

“We are well known for organizing artist events and bridging the social capacity of the web3 space,” says Howard. “We started talking with OpenSea because they are interested in continuing to build relationships with artists in this space. Together we came up with this idea of ​​being the first external organization to take over their homepage. .”

The more the two parties talked, the more “we all energized and ultimately turned into this amazing partnership,” she said. She said, “OpenSea’s home page has incredible visibility and is probably the most trafficked space on all of web3.”

“FWB is the premier cultural and social DAO and we are thrilled to partner with FWB to advance artists in the web3 space,” said Alexander Bercow, Partner of OpenSea. “The FWB team has curated an amazing lineup of artists to showcase to our community through our homepage and weekly collaborations on NFT Pirate Radio. This collection shows what is possible for the future of NFT Art. , I look forward to continuing to work with the FWB team in our shared mission to move the web3 space forward.”

Meanwhile, this weekend’s first FWB Fest will be an immersive three-day festival of music, testimonials and workshops on culture and the web3 space. “We think of this as a kind of cultural cryptocurrency summer camp,” Howard said, adding that NFT’s artwork will be exhibited in a “proper” gallery space on the Academy grounds. Added. About 700 people have RSVPed him so far.

As a decentralized organization, the FWB community collectively endorsed the proposed partnership with OpenSea and assembled an internal curatorial team of artists and entrepreneurs (as well as more traditional curators).

“This whole process of decentralizing curation and what it means is really compelling,” Howard says. “Me We know that many art institutions are looking for ways to enter the web3 space. This can mean bringing in specialists to get the best artists, but it can also mean giving up a little bit of their expertise and power. Institutions have traditionally held and opened up more opportunities for more people to debate, vote and participate in the process. ”

She added: “I think there will be more opportunities like this in the future. We always want to continue working with artists who are part of the FWB community and support their work.”

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