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OpenSea is growing faster than other crypto giants

OpenSea, Undisputed heavy hitter In the field of NFTs, it is also one of the fastest growing companies in terms of staffing in all cryptocurrencies.

Based on the numbers from our parent company, Thinknum Alternative Data, collected from LinkedIn, we briefly looked at the growth in employee numbers at several major cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies. Binance When CoinbaseThe largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, of course, has the largest number of employees among the few companies surveyed. Binance currently has approximately 6,900 people. Coinbase is about 5,800.

According to LinkedIn’s information, the blockchain data platform Chainalysis, which is a much smaller company overall, has about 600 employees. On the other hand, there are about 230 in OpenSea.

However, looking at the growth rates of each company reveals an even more interesting situation. Over the last two years, OpenSea has increased its workforce by a whopping 1,631%. In contrast, Chainalysis increased its workforce by about 145%, and Binance and Coinbase both increased their workforce by more than 170%.

This makes sense given the time frame of the astonishing rise in NFT, Or an irreplaceable token.Tokens, which are primarily used for digital images, initially dominated the art market, with some works spending tens of millions of dollars, but more recently. Increased opposition to them From the artist.For some artists, tokens do not protect intellectual property rights and the market Built unstable There are too many hype.

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