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OpenSea is adding NFT copy detection and verification features

The company announced that OpenSea is rolling out features that “improve reliability” in the digital market. series of Blog post today. Updates include a new system for detecting and removing copycat NFTs and an overhaul of the account validation process.

“Copy mint” is a token that strips off other NFTs. problem For platforms like OpenSea.Last year, platform Ban two collections This was mimicked by flipping the boring Ape Yacht Club NFT so that the image was mirrored. And the owner of NFT Recorded on the blockchain, counterfeits are rampant. In February, OpenSea said: 80% or more Items deleted due to a violation, created using a free minting tool.

OpenSea states that it is implementing a new two-part copy detection system, noting that copying makes it difficult for users to find real content. The company states that it uses image recognition technology to scan NFTs on the platform and compare them to real collections for flips, rotations, and other variations. According to OpenSea, human reviewers will also consider removal recommendations.

“We’re working on getting rid of copy mint and giving space for those substantially additional remixes to thrive,” the blog post reads. is. OpenSea has already begun removing problematic content and says it will expand the removal process in the coming weeks.

OpenSea account verification has also been updated. The invitation-only verification application will be available for accounts with a collection of volumes of at least 100 ETH, and the company says it plans to expand its eligibility soon. The collection is owned by a verified account and you can get a blue badge when you meet a trading volume of 100 ETH.

OpenSea has rolled out other security features in recent months following reports of platform-based or platform-related scams and scams. In February, the company publication Verified customer support system, response to fraudsters Impersonate an OpenSea employee And gain access to people’s crypto wallets.


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