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OpenSea Integrates with Arbitrum Nova to Provide Low-Cost Data Availability for NFTs

OpenSea, a leading marketplace for digital collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has announced support for Arbitrum Nova, a layer-2 blockchain aimed at providing low-cost data availability.

Arbitrum Nova, a new addition to the Arbitrum ecosystem, aims to be the premier choice for Web3 games and social applications. Along with Arbitrum One, which is suitable for DeFi and NFT projects, Arbitrum currently offers two mainnet chains capable of serving a wide range of blockchain use cases.

This integration will allow OpenSea users to access Nova as a more affordable alternative to Ethereum when buying and selling digital collections.

In September 2022, OpenSea began supporting Nova’s sister, Arbitrum, a layer 2 scaling network both created by Offchain Labs.

According to a press release, Nova is the preferred blockchain for projects with high-volume transactions and cost-sensitive requirements, such as games that frequently create new items and currencies, and social projects with multiple on-chain interaction options. am. One notable example of its use is the upcoming launch of Reddit Community Points, which will be built on Nova.

Several companies including Google Cloud, Reddit, FTX, Consensys, P2P and QuickNode participated in the launch of Arbitrum Nova as founding members of the “Data Availability Board”.

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