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OpenSea held 97% NFT marketplace volume in last quarter: ConsenSys Web3 report

Monkeys, apes, and gorilla NFTs may seem like a fun way to spend time, but looking at the numbers past the memes, the NFT market isn’t a joke.

NFT Marketplace High seas Is considered a winner by many in every respect, and insights from recent events and ConsenSys Web 3 reports reveal nuances that are easy to miss.

There are no monkeys around

Dune analysis Indicated On December 8, OpenSea’s daily volume exceeded $ 146 million, approaching the last level seen between September and October 2021. This was despite the fact that most of the top 25 ciphers went into the red.

Source: Dune analysis

Meanwhile, the ConsenSys Web3 report teach That OpenSea really became its own later this year.Report I got it,

“And transactions via OpenSea speak volume. In the record month of August, the platform accounted for $ 3.16 billion of the total NFT sales volume of $ 3.25 billion. , Nifty Gateway was the leading NFT marketplace until April this year, and OpenSea has solidified its position as a reliable platform in the second and third quarters of 2021. “

Report too Added The OpenSea held 97% of the market volume in the previous quarter.

Winner “Ape Ears”

However, leading an army is not easy.when Bloomberg Publish the work Rumors of an IPO have spread about Brian Roberts, the first new CFO of OpenSea. In fact, A FUD Firestorm Roberts himself rages on Twitter Bath Eliminate confusion..

Nevertheless, OpenSea had a great day on December 8th. Some users have theorized that one cause could be relatively low gas charges. Indeed, that day, Average gasoline price 85.59 It was Gway. This is cheaper than at the beginning of the week and shows a strong link between Ethereum’s highly critical gas tariffs and various DeFi activities.

Source: Y chart

Do you shake high?

Now, the most appropriate question here is where can OpenSea go from here? Experts take a closer look at this NFT marketplace to measure the status of the entire sector. However, while COVID-19 devastates the world, the Metaverse seems to be healthier. Chainalysis report on the 2021 NFT market Said,

“As the most popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea’s analysis tells us a lot about NFT’s overall growth. OpenSea’s over 6,000 NFT collections include at least buying, selling, or casting. It goes through one transaction. This activity is on the rise as the number of active NFT collections increases. […] It has increased significantly since March 2021. “

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