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OpenSea freezes $2.2M of stolen Bored Apes

NFT Marketplace OpenSea has frozen 16 Bored Ape and Mutant Ape non-fungible tokens (NFTs) after being reportedly stolen by an art gallery operator in New York yesterday.

In total, one Clonex, seven Mutant Ape Yacht Clubs, and eight Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have been stolen and are currently not available for trading on OpenSea.

The toddkramer.eth account linked to the Ross + Kramer Art Gallery in New York has launched a series of tweets. detail With 16 NFTs stolen from his hot wallet Appeal With the help of the OpenSea and NFT community. The NFT community was often not sympathetic to the plight of traders, but OpenSea has frozen trading of stolen goods.

Due to the freeze on buying and selling NFTs, some traders have blamed the lack of decentralization, one of the key aspects of the crypto industry. 1 Twitter commenter kw.sol Said, “Who could freeze n? Asking a third party to do this feels pretty anti-cryptographic and ideally they shouldn’t.”

Well-known software engineer Grady Booch, in this case, said he wasn’t talking about the lack of decentralization. comment:

“I’m stupid. And here I thought that code is a law and one of the ideas for cryptocurrencies is to eliminate the possibility of centralized intervention.

A hot wallet is a type of cryptocurrency software wallet that is connected to the Internet (most commonly MetaMask) whenever an installed device is connected.

Kramer tweeted that he lost his collection due to a phishing scam that accessed his hot wallet after clicking on a malicious link. He deleted the tweet following the harshly commented Vitriol.Kramer recently Tweet On December 31, he was surprised at the reaction.

Although Kramer can hardly rely on recovering stolen NFTs, his experience highlights the importance of sound operational security (opsec) as a cryptocurrency trader or NFT collector.He said he learned lessons about opsec when dealing with valuable cryptocurrencies. Tweet yesterday:

“Lessons learned. Use a stiff wallet …”

A hard wallet, also known as a cold wallet, is a crypto wallet that does not connect to the Internet until you manually connect it to your computer and requires you to approve each transaction using a physical button. Hard wallets are a better way than hot wallets to protect crypto assets.

Kramer’s Trials are not a unique experience for NFT traders, especially those familiar with the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

December 26th, NFT collector bergpay.eth Said When five jungle freaks and two sandbox NFTs were stolen from the Ethereum wallet and the ENS domain was transferred to a new address, he had a fate similar to Kramer.

November 30th, Twitter account friesframe Frustration It can overcome NFT owners if they find that their favorite item has been stolen from their hot purse.

OpenSea has not yet frozen the bergpay or friesframe NFTs.

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