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OpenSea Boots Hackers for Claiming to Mint NFTs of Belarusian Dictator’s Stolen Passport

An Eastern European hacktivist group claims to have hacked passport information for everyone in Belarus. Among them is the autocratic leader Alexander Lukashenko, who calls himself “Europe’s last dictator.” After allegedly stealing data last summer, a gang of Belarusian cyberpartisans minted several passports, including Lukashenko’s, as his NFTs and put them up for sale on the crypto market. high seas Earlier this week. A gang believed to be made up of anonymous Belarusian tech experts has declared digital warfare against the Lukashenko regime.

“For the first time in human history, #hacktivist The group obtained passport information for citizens of all countries. Now we offer you the opportunity to become part of this history.Get a unique digital edition of #lukashenka as a passport #NFTs,”hacker murmured on tuesday.Passport is actually a “mockup”, partisan told CyberScoopdoes not represent the original image of the actual passport.

On the same day they went up, OpenSea pulled the offer and later told Gizmodo that the cryptocurrency violated its policy on “docking.”

“OpenSea’s terms of service prohibit the publication or publication of another person’s personally identifiable information without their consent. Violation of content may result in disabling of trading, delisting, or if Some enforce their policies in different ways, including banning accounts.

Not sure if the data is correct. Her Yuliana Shemetovets, spokesperson for the hacker collective, told Gizmodo:

The country’s interior ministry many This includes at least one incident involving cyber partisans last July. During that incident, the partisans claimed to have hacked vast amounts of internal data from the government, after which they began leaking some of it to the press. was not chanted. Gizmodo attempted to contact the ministry for comment on this latest incident, but its website did not appear to respond and the press email could not be traced.

Cyber ​​partisans have been causing problems for the Lukashenko regime over the past few years. The gang says many of its hacks target government entities in Belarus, including a campaign that began last November and targeted the country’s administrative academy. In January, the gang also claimed to have done so. ransomware attack Against the Belarusian railway system. “The goal was to disrupt freight train operations in hopes of indirectly influencing Russian forces who use the railroad to bring arms and equipment to the Ukrainian border,” Shemetovets told Gizmodo at the time. rice field. The supposed cyberattack was of interest to journalists and spectators, but not finally confirmed by an external source.

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