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OpenSea Adds Feature to Allocate Earnings to Multiple Creators

OpenSea, a Web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collections, will allow multiple creators to receive revenue from a single OpenSea list on July 28, with projects or multiple creators wishing to donate. The project tweeted that it was now possible to split the charges.

The proceeds of these creators are paid each time the NFT moves from wallet to wallet after purchase. However, OpenSea does not currently support adjusting the author fees for Solana NFTs directly on the platform, so users will have to set or change them on the blockchain.

Collection owners can set a percentage of up to 10% of the total selling price of the items they sell. You can also split the author fee into multiple addresses and change the percentage at any time.

New York-based OpenSea revenues reached $ 2.75 billion in September 2021 due to growing interest in NFTs. But recently, it has generated only $ 785 million worth of trading volume over the last 30 days, down 195%. On-chain data retrieved by DappRadar on June 21st.

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Recent notable news about the platform was a major email data breach reported after staff members abused employee access to download and share Opensea user email addresses. That is. It is said that more than 1.8 million e-mail addresses have been leaked.

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