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OpenSea acquires ethereum wallet Dharma Labs as the NFT marketplace’s trading boom continues after landmark 2021

  • High seas Are getting Ethereum Wallet maker Dharma Labs as part of the 2022 expansion push.
  • The largest market for non-fungible tokens says it is aiming for significant additions to the team this year.
  • “We have this union NFT And the adoption of web3. ”

OpenSea, the largest market for non-fungible tokens, has acquired Ethereum wallet maker Dharma Labs to build in the groundbreaking 2021.

and Tuesday blog post, OpenSea said it is in “build mode” after the market for digital art tied to NFTs, or blockchains, has grown exponentially last year. The company said it aims to significantly add more teams and invest in the NFT and Web3 ecosystems. The acquisition of Dharma Labs by OpenSea will help achieve these goals, the company said.

“We believe this union will empower NFT and web3 adoption and help dramatically improve the experience of buying, creating and selling NFTs at OpenSea. Beginners and professionals alike.” The company says. That statement.

As part of the deal, Dharma Labs co-founder and CEO Nadav Hollander will be the new Chief Technology Officer of OpenSea. According to Dharma Labs, the app has been in use for the past two years and will be discontinued as part of a contract to prevent “round holes from being clogged with square pegs” at OpenSea. Blog post..

The announcement is next Previous insider report The OpenSea already hit a record high of over $ 3.5 billion in monthly Ethereum-based trading volume in January last year, surpassing past records in December and August last year.

According to OpenSea, the 2021 NFT market was a milestone year. The overall sales of digital goods are $ 41 billion Last year, according to a quote from blockchain data company Chainalysis.


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