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OnePlanet integrates with Chainlink VRF

OnePlanet, an NFT launchpad and marketplace that happens to be working with horse-themed NFT project Derby Stars, has successfully incorporated a Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) into Polygon mainnet. With this built-in process done in an absolute top-of-the-line decentralized network, Derby Star’s Randombox NFT uncovers access to the proof-of-penetration and auditable randomness methods needed to boost became. By the way, this is easily available on OnePlanet’s marketplace. All users will find this really useful and useful. This is because it can attest to the fact that there is a level playing field involved in casting his own NFT.

OnePlanet is associated with an NFT launchpad and marketplace hosted on Polygon. Created to power the construction of a new age NFT collection. These come with specific prizes such as 1 Rare Horse NFT, 199 Rare or Common Horse NFTs, and 800 Starter Pack NFTs.

RNG was needed in the current situation where a Randombox publishing mechanism was needed to legitimately distribute Derby Stars NFTs. This can be independently audited by any user. This is exactly the point where Chainlink VRF came into being. This entity happens to be based on highly advanced academic research and backed by a network of trusted oracles modified by cryptographic proof generation and on-chain authentication. These then validate each random number transferred to the smart contract.

As far as Chainlink is concerned, this happens to be the industry’s scale of measurement for the Web3 services platform. For OnePlanet, it is the absolute top-of-the-line her Polygon NFT marketplace where owners can extend the benefits of an individual her NFT. Derby Stars, on the other hand, happens to be a horse racing game in the metaverse. Players here can breed, grow, build, and trade horses. In the words of OnePlanet CEO Pryce Cho, the final choice of Chainlink VRF is due to the fact that all connected users happen to be obsessed with proof of randomness, ensuring complete fairness and transparency. Very satisfied.

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