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OneOf And eBay Launch Latest NFT Collection Celebrating Iconic Rock Band Led Zeppelin

NFT platform OneOf is owned by Quincy Jones-backed Web3 company Partnership with Warner Music Group.

The growing audio-focused NFT platform continues to make headway despite macro headwinds across the market for much of this year. Now, the powerhouse duo of OneOf, eBay and Globe Entertainment have launched their new NFT collection centered around legendary rock band Led Zeppelin.

What’s new with OneOf

The NFT platform has been eyeing artist collaborations in recent months. Q4 has boasted many victories including October release in collaboration with Ziggy Marley.

This upcoming collaboration includes eBay and Globe Entertainment and Media. eBay has a long history of being a digital-first company. The e-commerce monster has shown significant interest and investment in NFTs and is not new to working with OneOf. The two have been working together for some time eBay’s First NFT Launch Earlier this year.

Given OneOf’s backing and vision, it’s no surprise that the platform will see notable partnerships and collaborations in its early days. The platform largely dominates the music category with a mix of several major players. However, it remains to be seen how these platforms will impact or disrupt the industry as a whole.

With this week’s release, Globe Entertainment stepped in to photograph archives and steer the creative around this latest release.

NFT platform OneOf operates on both Tezos (XTZ) and Polygon (MATIC). | Source: XTZ-USD on

Led Zeppelin: New Stairway to NFT

The latest collection titled “”Legends of Rock: Led Zeppelin,features a collection of photographs from the band’s 1969 photo shoot at the iconic Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont. , run through the OneOf platform.

This release appears to take advantage of IRL incentives. This is a common and effective strategy for OneOf and in general. Whether it’s experiences, memorabilia, or outright exclusivity, platforms have generally found success with a ‘bigger than NFT’ approach.

The same seems to have been true for the first 24 hours after this release. Much like the aforementioned Ziggy Marley release, this collection of his NFTs, offering a “diamond tier” of his NFTs, including historic physical tickets to the Chicago Stadium concert, sold out quickly.

OneOf utilizes both Tezos and Polygon, but this release works with Tezos. The pricing is divided into two tiers, Platinum tier NFTs capped at 99 editions and priced at $199, Diamond tier NFTs priced at $399 and limited to 5 NFTs.

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