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NOWwhere to Launch Blockchain-Backed NFT Marketplace,

New York, February 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)- Where now On February 14, 2022, we announced the launch of an NFT marketplace backed by a blockchain that connects art creators and art collectors. This platform will allow artists from all media to showcase their work on a global scale. In addition, NOWwhere provides access to digital tools that artists can leverage to enhance their ability to compete in the market.

The need for artists to use digital tools to increase profitability has never been greater. As the world evolves into an increasingly digital-based ecosystem, artists and curators are exploring new ways to expand ownership, exhibition and consumption of art.

Not only does the Web3 environment for art provide the opportunity to gradually distribute and display to the wider market of viewers, but it can also diversify the revenue sources of creators by participating in the NFT market.

These digital landscapes allow artists to engage directly with their core audience, allowing curators to connect with, engage with, network with other creators, and create creative output through collaboration and social feedback-driven output. Can be further expanded.

Each artist’s storefront features a smooth customer onboarding and payment system, as well as on-sale mint capabilities. In addition, artists will receive a fully customizable digital art gallery with a variety of tools. Future implementations will incorporate an intelligent NFT marketplace with a carefully selected recommendation engine for indexing and ranking assets.

“We are very excited to launch NOWwhere-a space for traditional, non-crypto native artists to dive into NFT’s new creative economy. We launch our first release at the artist storefront. , Future features, “said CEO / founder Drew Lightfoot.

NOWwhere also aims to introduce a diverse group of artists, from oil painters to photographers to creators of the digital world, to focus on increasing inclusiveness in the art industry. This concept not only exposes artists to viewers around the world to showcase their work, but also provides tools to connect with others to help them become more digitally competitive and achieve new levels of profitability. To do.

For more information on NOWwhere, please visit:

Where are you now

Equipped with a recommendation engine for indexing, scoring and ranking assets, NOWwhere is a platform built to support artists from a digital and networking perspective. Art creators can leverage user-friendly tools to market to art collectors, thereby increasing their profit potential. NOWwhere helps artists tell and improve their brand story. For more information on the platform

contact: Christine Weissman | Attika Intelligence | | 321-203-9325

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