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North Carolina State University Deems a DCMA Student Cryptocurrency Project Unethical

Raleigh, NC, July 6, 2022 / PRNewswire /- North Carolina State University (NCSU) The Senior Design Center in Computer Science rejected the cryptocurrency project and considered it unethical for students.

The proposed student project entitled “Proof of Publishing (POP) Protocol” Washington DC upon June 23, 2022..

The purpose of the POP protocol is to provide an innovative incentive and monetization platform that is compensated by cryptocurrencies after public relations, writers and journalists create news articles about the company and prove that the articles have been published online. Is to provide.

Companies around the world can subscribe to the POP protocol and bet cryptocurrencies to cover payments to the opt-in writer’s network.

Writers are free to create articles and send articles to the POP protocol. Once approved and published, a rules-based engine determines the monetary value of published articles based on various composition details such as word count, embedded media assets, publications, and monthly readership of publications. To do.

DCMA has proposed to sponsor this as a computer science student project for the fall 2022 academic year.

While the POP protocol is designed to support many corporate subscribers, DCMA is seeking a proof of concept by building the recently released Unicoin’s global news network.

By review of the proposed POP protocol committee Margaret Heil“The idea of ​​building a protocol system that pays participants (in cryptocurrencies) for the favorable reviews of DCMA and Unicoin can be considered unethical for many students,” said the director of the Senior Design Center. Sexual and therefore the project is inappropriate for our program. “

The crypto industry has undergone a lot of scrutiny, with prices down more than 70% from record highs since the recent Bitcoin-led market crash. This has led many to question the feasibility of the crypto market sector.

This raises the question of the role that universities should play as an intermediary between the innovation sector and the research and development of students and faculty.

Darrell HubbardA founding member of DCMA, he holds a Master of Science degree from NCSU and is currently a member of the NCSU Computer Science Strategy Advisory Board (SAB). “I will continue to donate and identify innovative R & D projects that are in line with the interests of universities and students,” he said.

Unicoin is a Crypto 2.0 innovation for governments and central banks, with breakthrough potential for the long-term survival of the cryptocurrency industry, according to DCMA.

Cryptocurrencies follow the same innovation life cycle as the Internet.

The most resilient and viable innovators in the field of cryptocurrencies will rebound, such as the dot-com bubble-collapsed companies such as Amazon, eBay and Priceline.

DCMA is introducing some bank-compliant innovations at Unicoin and expects Unicoin to lead the next wave of cryptocurrency purchases over the next decade and years.

After being criticized for that decision, the Senior Design Center provided a meeting schedule in the coming weeks to discuss the project in more detail.

DCMA hopes that NCSU will review its decision and recognize the joint value that DCMA, Unicoin, and NCSU students may bring to the future growth and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

According to the US News & World Report, North Carolina State University’s Faculty of Engineering, including the Faculty of Computer Science, ranks Nationwide and 12th Among the public institutions on the list of top graduate engineering programs in the country.

Darrell Hubbard
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