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Nola Labs Launches Public Sale of Discovered & Identified XOplanets

These planets make meaningful gifts for NFT collectors and space enthusiasts.

Miami, Florida, USA, September 26, 2022 – Space and NFT enthusiasts can now own outer space from Nola Labs as NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program reveals new exoplanets. Nora Labs LLC On September 28th at 10:00 AM ET, we will begin general sale of these planets in NFT format. These 5,000 XOplanets are part of an expanding generative art collection as NASA identifies more exoplanets.

NFT is currently in a bear market. In fact, according to Dapp Radarthe largest NFT marketplace trading volume, high seas, down more than 90% from May.At the same time, the market saturated with avatar and other cartoon-based NFTs. Nola Labs’ XOplanets NFT collection makes a difference for those looking for something different. A unique NFT collection like this also increases the chances of reviving the market.

“The only non-cartoon NFT to be in the top 1,000 on September 3, 2022 is star sign Nola Labs founder said: “Unfortunately, this NFT Binance NFT This marketplace is not authorized for trading within the United States. Given his lack of NFTs outside of comics, it’s no wonder that the world’s public, who are still content with his Web2, have turned their backs on the scene. “

Nola Labs LLC is a private company founded in Delaware to distribute “out-of-this-world” products.

We are launching a limited edition collection called XO Planet.

Each XOplanet is modeled after one of the exoplanets NASA has discovered and identified since 1992. So each NFT in this collection is NASA scientific metadataXOplanets are also animated to spin and circle, enveloping each owner in the possibilities of XOplanet fun. The artist behind this NFT collection of his studied exoplanets and estimated the sky levels and colors around each planet. In this way, we can show what a human would see when standing in front of that particular planet.

This XOplanets collection will go on sale on September 28th at 10am ET. Each XOplanet sells for around $680 for the first 24 hours and increases thereafter. XOplanets can be purchased using credit cards or ETH, and 6% of each sale will be donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation and SETI Institute.

“You just need to check the 1000 top trading NFT list. coin market capitalization We need to understand that the market is saturated with hundreds of cartoon projects,” said Nola Labs founder. “We see crazy project names all the time, from projects designed for the sole purpose of being quirky. His unique design will appeal to astronomers, space enthusiasts, and his NFT collectors looking for their prized NFTs. I designed the NFT collection.”

XOplanet owners enjoy exclusive benefits such as global intellectual property licensing rights for their XOplanet and 10% royalty income on future NFTs. Additionally, XOplanet owners have exclusive access to community-only information on the Cosmic Community. This includes information about upcoming member-only surprises, activities, early notice of his upcoming NFT releases, cool merchandise, and fun and interesting special events.

XOplanet is the perfect gift for anyone fascinated by the night sky. XOplanet (also known as XOplanet Xplorers) owners can visit one of the many NASA-sanctioned websites for detailed information and celestial coordinates. XOplanet Xplorers can also hire private software companies such as: starry night Also sky safari Helps XOplanet find orbiting stars.

Find out more about what you can do with your XOplanet by connecting with our team. Facebook, twitter, Instagram Also discord.

About Nola Labs and XOplanet Creators

The team at Nola Labs is a collection of professionals fascinated by “all things outer space.” Over his 44-plus years, the founder has developed an interest in the world beyond. The XOplanet NFT collection is the result of combining his passion for space, Ufology, space travel and extraterrestrial observations. Nola Labs fills a niche in his community of people interested in space online, with the primary goal of creating and selling interesting pieces of generative his art. XOplanet creators are based in Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Manchester UK, Rotterdam and Czech Republic.

media contact

organization: XO Planet

contact person: Robbie Gring

e-mail: [email protected]

phone: 786-446-8920 or 1-800-526-3128


city: Miami

state: Florida

Country: America

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