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Nike just bought a virtual shoe company that makes NFTs and sneakers ‘for the metaverse’

One of the comparisons I’ve heard repeatedly last year is that buying an NFT to “flex” to the Metaverse people is like collecting sneakers, and Nike is ready for a literal version of that possibility. Seems to be trying to make sure they are there.Apparel giant Announced acquisition of RTFKT Studios, “A state-of-the-art brand that leverages cutting-edge innovation to provide next-generation collections that fuse culture and games.”

In February, RTFKT claims to sell real sneakers in combination with virtual sneakers in collaboration with teenage artist FEWOCiOUS. We were able to sell about 600 pairs / NFT in just 6 minutesAt that time, the net amount was over $ 3.1 million. This was the same early spring as most of us first heard about NFTs, like Grimes. Sold about $ 6 million worth of digital artwork on March 1st.. It’s not clear if any of these digital items are as valuable as they are now.Staring High seas When Nifty Gateway You can see that many of them are currently listed or recently sold at a lower price than the original price.

But forget about the past. At that time, I bought sneakers from Elon Musk in Photoshop. RTFKT is moving forward, and yesterday, an A16Z-backed startup started a collaboration between Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and Clone X NFT, providing many metaverses. -Ready digital avatars styled with various collectable characteristics.

The company’s website immediately asks visitors to link to the Metamask wallet. This is one way for NFT owners to confirm their purchase, with the goal of playing games and putting items in other types of VR spaces in the future. Those spaces can be materialized by reading the blockchain and evaluating the items you own the right to.

This is the kind of vision that Nike has acquired, and its founders Benoit Pagotto, Chris Le, and Steven Vasilev said, “Leveraging the latest game engines, NFTs, blockchain certification, and augmented reality. I admit that I have created a virtual product like no other. Experience. ”

While announcing the deal, Nike placed the RTFKT lightning-style logo side by side with its own iconic Swoosh, Jumpman, and Converse marks without revealing costs. These brands have decades of history and are built on high-level movement support, unique design, and grassroots culture that actually exists in the real world. Meanwhile, RTFKT was founded in January 2020. Say “Human development of consciousness has accelerated faster than expected. We are now here to accelerate the digital future.”

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