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NHL Launching NFT Marketplace for Hockey Collectibles

National Hockey League is big NFT Plan, and it’s ready to share many With those worlds.

The NHL, along with the Alumni Association and the Players Association, announced on Thursday that it will partner with the NFT platform Sweet to create its own NFT marketplace and NFT collection (a unique blockchain token that demonstrates ownership).

David Lehanski, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Innovation for the League, said: Decryption In an interview, the NHL market is located between a full-fledged NFT trading platform and a site that offers limited-time NFT drops.

The NHL wants to offer fans both bits and build an NFT marketplace with an exclusive drop. The NHL Sweet Marketplace will be operational in October in time for the start of the 2022-2023 season.

But there’s also a bit of gameplay here. The NHL wants to gummy an NFT with a “quest and collect” feature so that fans can engage and earn benefits just like any other NFT. Decryption..

Some NFTs are also dynamic and change over time depending on the player’s performance. According to the statement, the NFT will also be an NFT surprise pack that can be viewed in the “Highlights of past and present NHL season movie games” or the “3D Interactive Trophy Room”.

Lehanski said the NHL is not yet ready to share which blockchain to build. but, Sweet products There are some signs, it could be on polygon Also Tezos..

“We’re looking at everything,” Lehanski said, adding that “low gas tariffs” and “environmental sustainability” are NHL’s priorities for choosing a blockchain.

Keep in mind that the NHL is one of the last major professional sports organizations to join the NFT, following the NBA’s move. Top shot NFTNFL, “Play and own” NFT gamesAnd MLB, upcoming plans NFT game..

“There was definitely a lot of appeal in being able to move very fast. […] But I thought it was a little short-sighted. “NFTs have long-term viability as a product that is relevant and meaningful to fans, especially as they relate to digital collectibles and games.”

However, Sweet CEO Tom Mizzone said: Decryption NHL’s NFTs aren’t just for NHL fans who are new to cryptocurrencies, but experienced NFT collectors can also participate in ways they feel native to them.

“It’s absolutely fascinating degen “Culture,” he added. “But it’s not enough to eliminate a wider customer base than just a fanboy.”

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