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NFTs Going Mainstream as eBay Launches First NFT Collection With Wayne Gretzy at the Forefront

according to CoinTelegraphEBay officially launched its first NFT drop, and on May 23, a series of tokenized collectibles starring Wayne Gretzky of the National Hockey League (NHL) went online.

(Photo: JOSH EDELSON / AFP via Getty Images)

eBay’s first NFT collection

The collection is currently available on the eBay marketplace, but the limited edition Diamond, Platinum, and Gold tiers are already sold out for $ 1,500, $ 100, and $ 25, respectively.

E-commerce company eBay said the first NFT collection was created in collaboration with OneOf. This environment-focused NFT platform allows you to create sustainable NFT collections on a variety of “energy efficient blockchains”.

“NFTs are created on the Ethereum scaling platform Polygon and can be used for secondary transactions on OneOf,” read the Coin Telegraph report.

However, NFT secondary trading on OneOf has been restricted so far, with only three people promoting platinum tier tokens for a minimum of $ 199, listing Gold tier NFTs for $ 69. There is only one user.

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It’s worth noting that the cover of Sports Illustrated influenced Gretsky’s animated portrayal of the NFT collection. Green tokens have 299 editions per token, gold tokens have 199, platinum tokens have 99, and diamond tokens have 15.

eBay approved NFT list last year

The NFT first allowed the list of NFTs in mid-2021, but was previously already used on eBay because it did not integrate blockchain technology into the platform to support sales.

According to the report of ReutersOn May 11, 2021, eBay became the first e-commerce company to offer NFT sales of digital collections such as trading cards, photos and video clips on the platform.

NFTs are gaining in popularity last year as collectors spend tens of millions of dollars on artwork and other products that only exist online, and sell for tens of millions of dollars at auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Is this the best time to launch an NFT?

As report Last week, NFTs plummeted amid the collapse of the crypto market. In fact, during the recent downturn in the crypto market, sales of the NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and even Otherdeed have plummeted.

This month, BAYC’s revenue plummeted by about 39%, while the lowest collection price fell by more than 18%.

Meanwhile, Sales of Otherdeed, a Yuga Labs NFT collection that nearly shut down the Ethereum (ETH) network at the time of its release, fell by 86%.

However, other companies continue to launch NFT marketplaces despite their current plight.

Last week, GameStop announced its own NFT Marketplace in this tweet:

The company plans to launch the NFT Marketplace by the end of the second quarter of fiscal year 2022, which is July.

GameStop first unveiled the NFT Marketplace in early February and announced details at the company’s fourth-quarter earnings briefing on May 19.

GameStop has partnered with Australian gaming company Immutable X to launch a marketplace and NFT plan.

To keep prices low, the duo has set up a $ 100 million fund for NFT gamers, and Immutable X has vowed that there will be no gas costs to create and trade NFTs.

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