Sunday, October 1, 2023
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NFTs construct virtual economies to stay relevant in 2022

As NFT projects prepare to embark on the Metaverse, they seem to be pivoting to an integration mechanism that provides utility from still images.

In particular, Bored Ape Yacht Club has announced a mobile play and earn game with a total volume of over $ 1 billion. Meanwhile, fellow primate projects Cyber ​​Kongz and Smol Brains have announced new gamification features and continue to integrate them into their collections.

Investors are not only looking for projects with a strong community and usefulness, but their technical capabilities also seem to be ranked high on the list. This concept is on the decline as CoolCats’ CoolPets collection becomes apparent after experiencing a series of temporary interruptions at launch and then waiting for the owner to become apparent.

Cool pet 7 days average price / volume. Source: OpenSea Cool pet

Perhaps the NFT collection is mature and focused on providing what is promised in the long-term roadmap. It may also be looking for ways to maintain value and relevance with their respective communities in 2022.

The project aims to fix the utility

The word on the street has a new term, “play-and-kollect”, a phrase coined by Cyber ​​Kongz. CyberKongz is one of the first collections to integrate token generation mechanisms into NFTs and breeding mechanisms. Its governance token, BANANA, was introduced as a way for users to personalize NFTs and breed Bebe Kongz.

In a similar way, FrankyNines’ SupDucksPFP collection produces a VOLT. This is a utility token that collectors use to purchase materials to generate MegaToad. By integrating the token mechanism and model, the project is also gaming the stacking and holding experience.

To give incentives and usefulness to BebeKongz holders, CyberKongz has announced that each Genesis or BebeKong can be redeemed for CyberKongz VX. CyberKongz VX is a full-bodied 3D pixelated version of the collection.

Since its release on August 15, 2021, the average daily price of Cyber ​​Kongz VX has risen by nearly 193%, with a seven-day average of 3.5 Ether ($ 9,377.41) thin 2.4 Ether ($ 6,430.22) floors. Sitting in Cyber ​​Kongz VX was recently given a utility when they challenged Cyber ​​Kongz’s in-game jungle adventure.

Cyber ​​Kongz VX 7-day average price / volume. Source: OpenSea Cyber ​​Kongz VX

Jungle Adventure will allow owners to take advantage of Cyber ​​Kongz VX to collect Kongnium Ore (ERC-1155 tokens) that can be redeemed for NFTS and BANANA exclusive prize pools.

The comprehensive theme of Play and Collect in the CyberKongz ecosystem is that each piece in the collection is designed to play an important role in providing utility. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is also maintainable. CyberKongz is not the only collection focused on gamification to provide NFT utilities. CoolCats’s up-and-coming collection CoolPets will be able to earn in-game tokens GOLD. To earn gold, the user must have MILK. This will soon be generated daily by CoolCats.

Beyond gamification, other projects have found that community gatherings are as valuable as utilities.