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NFTs Are Taking the 2022 FIFA World Cup by Storm

In the world of NFT, there is no sleeping giant that can surpass professional sports. In 2022, this emerging subset of the NFT market has demonstrated its potential several times.Across professional sports, sports teams bored monkey To Functions as a virtual mascotsome licenses A sports-themed blockchain game Having successfully hit the market, NFT of the super bowl Dream programming.

Now NFT is poised to make headlines thanks to the FIFA World Cup. ten years ago, psychic octopus I spiced it up. But today, with several notable footballers and FIFA itself releasing various NFT projects and campaigns, it’s time for NFT to accept the challenge.

Legendary skirmishes on virtual pitches

Throughout the 21st century, one controversy has raged continuously among international soccer fans. Who is the goat; Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo or Argentina’s Lionel Messi? This upcoming World Cup could be a pivotal chapter for him in one of the biggest stories going on in sports. Because this could be the last time these giants collide on the world stage at the peak of their power. Luckily, both fans will be able to keep this moment in their respective legacies thanks to an upcoming launch that puts Ronaldo and Messi at the forefront.

A digital collection depicting Lionel Messi.Source: Esanity Labs

Football legend Messi is looking to recapture his NFT success. messiverse Via the upcoming Time Machine collection.hosted at esanitythe same market that saw the total sales of Messiverse $3 million or more Its first day, the Time Machine Collection, is set to launch on November 27th and will feature iconic moments from Argentina’s historic career available as NFTs.

A digital collection featuring Cristiano Ronaldo in action.
A virtual image of a teenage Ronaldo performing his signature stepover. Source: Binance NFT

For Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar has taken his first steps into NFT. Official NFT Collection. Launched on official Binance NFT Marketplace We hope that November 18th will be the first drop to consider Ronaldo’s official partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange’s NFT division. In the collection, fans will own collectibles depicting some of Ronaldo’s most iconic moves on the pitch, from his teenage years at Madeira to his stint as the lynchpin of his Madrid franchise at Real. can.

FIFA+ Collect

For those looking for a convenient (and legal) way to get caught up in the ongoing World Cup match, FIFA+ It was a godsend. With live streams, highlights and stats about every match, it’s easier than ever to watch the world’s biggest football tournament.

A still from the FIFA+ Collect homepage.Source: FIFA+ Collect

Hoping to further encourage fan engagement, FIFA+ recently FIFA+ Collect Initiative. This is a licensed collection of digital collections featuring moments in nearly 100 years of FIFA history. nba top shot For basketball fans. Just like watching football has never been easier, collecting football memorabilia is getting harder every day.

master of movement

Goals are arguably the most exciting part of a soccer match, but we must not forget the spectacular moves that soccer players employ to score goals. VISA was released with the same thought NFT Collection Ahead of the Qatar World Cup celebrating just that.

VISA captures some of football's most iconic moves.
VISA captures some of football’s most iconic moves.Source: Business Wire
Resulting artwork.Source: Business Wire

With the VISA Masters of Movement NFT Collection, football fans around the world have the opportunity to own truly unique digital art inspired by some of the most notable goals scored in FIFA’s long history. I was. For collectors who have one of these goals in mind, there may be no better way to immortalize the moment than by purchasing his NFT art inspired by it.

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