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NFT The Butties: The invasion Lands on Opensea – The French Artist Zekey Arrives with a Selection of 10000 NFT Named The Butties

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates / ACCESSWIRE / 22 September 2022 / This is the story of the most exciting buttocks this year.The true value of the French artist’s creativity Vincent Rafif, aka Jeekyass named . Batties, or the French native monk, a cartoon character, so sweet and real. Signed as an artist at Jardin Orange, a gallery and artist residency based in Shenzhen, China, her Zekey has also exhibited at Toulouse in the south of France. Since his first exhibition, he has developed a strong interest in his characters and even created a real community of Butties enthusiasts that is growing rapidly. You don’t have to hide to stare at ‘s ass.”

Vincent Rafif

“I’ve known Zekey for over 20 years. I’ve followed his artistic evolution, to what he’s creating now…his universe, his alter ego. In fact, I’ve seen him elsewhere.” His artistic concept is easy to understand.From the Pixar studio.He has the right belief that butts can be icons.To me they are already a cult!” We shared Ceet Fouad, an international artist who started the Chicanos movement.

Bat Island: An island of 10000 Baty.

The NFT project and all the storytelling surrounding it shows a fully grown concept.

“Together with the team, we are currently working on a treasure hunt RPG (role-playing game) that takes place in the Metaverse. Batty is a tiny creature that has just landed on an island called Bat Island where treasure hunts take place. NFT owners receive goodies, artwork, and more…we want to create a unique and friendly place,” explains artist Zekey.

Zekey and his seven studio collaborators will drop a collection of 10 000 NFTs, all unique. The artist used his 170+ accessories to create 10000 of his Butties, with the remaining 100 being the rarest. All drawn and accessorized by the artist himself. Combos and possibilities are all more cult.

definitely an NFT project Batties It stands apart from anything you’ve seen before. Soon, Opensea’s most hyped butts?


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