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NFT Signals is The Ultimate NFT Alpha Group, Turning a Profit of $1bn – Checkout the New-Look Website

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NFT signalThe NFT Trading Signals service, which has brought over $1 billion in combined group profits to its members, has rebranded its website.

Over the course of five months, NFT signals came out of nowhere to become the premier one-stop-shop for trading signals to flip NFTs and make profits.

With a combined profit of $1,072,317,007, the company’s new tagline, “The Ultimate NFT Alpha Group,” is aptly named.

NFT’s trading volume has dropped significantly from its highs, but that hasn’t stopped NFT Signals’ band of professional traders from making money for their free tier and VIP members.

To date, NFT Signals has delivered a 42% return on investment for the group, with a high success rate of 93%.

Partnerships with major industry sites such as premint.xyzallows brands, creators and artists to create allowlists Top NFT Project.

VIP packages start at $56 and allow you to try free signals available on Telegram channels

The new site has a lot of fun. First, in addition to English, he is now available in six languages: German, French, Dutch, Arabic, French and Chinese.

The new website clearly defines three levels of paid membership.

NFT Signals quarterly options are the most popular. All packages guarantee at least 5 handpicked NFT trading signals per week and the opportunity to learn from the professional he NFT trader.

Record of all trading signals published

A particularly useful feature of the new-looking site is the performance breakdown of the monthly trading signals starting in August.

For example, in December, 47 trades were completed with a 34% return on investment, equivalent to a total profit of 8.72 ETH ($13,533 at the time of writing).

August and September were the best performing months for trading signals, both with 72% return on investment for group members. Profit is calculated on the assumption of 1 NFT per trade.

You can see all the deals yourself by clicking the website link.

for example, There were 37 transactions in Novemberthey are all listed separately by NFT collection name, showing buy and sell signals, as well as ETH and dollar profits for trading.

New regular NFT Signals newsletter and redesigned modern new section

Site visitors can now sign up for regular email newsletters. There’s also a prominently displayed “Breaking News” section so you can stay up to date with all the major happenings in the NFT space.

Finally, the logo has been redesigned and a charming animated pulsing version appears on the website. NFT imageprovides an attractive eye candy for casual visitors who come across the NFT Signals site while browsing the web.

NFT Signals has more exciting features coming soon

Darnell McWilliams, Head of Marketing at NFT Signals, commented on the site’s rebranding:

“We have many more new and exciting features coming soon to our platform and we can’t wait to let our community know. I will be able to tell you.

“Thank you for supporting NFT Signals. If you have not yet joined our VIP group or tried our free signals, we welcome you and look forward to helping you on your trading and educational journey. ”

NFT signal details

of NFTs The Signals package has three different price points. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly packages are priced at $56, $83, and $277, respectively.

This is what you get with the package:

  • Minimum of 5 signals per week
  • Information on how to get whitelisted for future projects.
  • free mint alerts
  • Question-and-answer session

The number of signals depends on market conditions and the service emphasizes to members not to indulge in excessive trading.

And since the service is flexible, it’s up to each member to decide what signals to act on and how much to invest.

NFT Signals recommends members not to allocate more than 5% of their trading pot to a single trade.

NFT Signal Online


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