Friday, June 9, 2023
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NFT projects thrive even as OpenSea trading volumes take a hit

Despite many attempts at vampire attacks Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to perform well at OpenSea, with an increasing number of unique users and transactions.However, the volume of the entire NFT market is lagging behind. Last month’s figure of about $ 3 billion..

There are NFT projects ready to enter the secondary market, but the sector as a whole seems to be making the next move on integrating NFTs into utilities and the Metaverse. In addition to this Global political uncertainty It also has a significant impact on the market environment.

ether(ETH) Prices have fallen by nearly 16% in the last 7 days, and most NFT projects are on the Ethereum network, so NFT collectors tend to buy NFTs cheaply rather than in stages. For the NFT collection, Azuki has had a significant impact over the last 30 days, accumulating over 80,000 Ether ($ 209,100,216) and taking top collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks from the top spot. .. Similarly, the launch of Invisible Friends on February 23 is already over $ 23.1 million with a minimum charge of 8.95 Ether ($ 22,010.74).

Azuki 30-day average price / volume. sauce: High seas

Old projects are reviving as new entrants not only rotate their collections from the top spot in total, but also sort out the volatile market environment.

The current status of the NFT market at the end of the first quarter is as follows.

3Landers NFT

Surprising the market with its overwhelming yet attractive appeal and its link to Doodles, 3Landers has been ranked number one in total since entering the secondary market on February 19, 11,000 Ether ($ 28,666,000). ) Has been exceeded.

3Landers Highest average price / volume ever. sauce: High seas

The average selling price of 3Landers has risen 63% in the last 7 days, making it one of the few projects whose floors have continued to rise since its release, and is now a thin 1.55 Ether ($ 4.056.35). ..

Generated on the Ethereum blockchain, 3Landers claims to be a “community, adventure, collaboration-centric … NFT project”. Perhaps it is the aggressiveness that collectors need in the light of recent events.

As a community-centric project, 3Landers relies on community talent, commitment, and unity to lead the way the project can grow.

Some NFT projects are community-centric in value sharing, while others are exploring the unknown territory of building a digital sovereign state.

NFT World

NFT Worlds are built with the Metaverse in mind. Each of the 10,000 NFT worlds is exploreable, unique, and capable of building on it. It also advertises compatibility with the sandbox game Minecraft.

NFT Worlds have seen a rise in growth over the last seven days, with minimum rates approaching 18 Ether.

7-day minimum charge for NFT Worlds. sauce: Minimum charge for NFT

In the last 30 days, NFT Worlds has generated more than $ 42.3 million in volume, and in the last 7 days alone, it has generated about half that amount, $ 21.3 million.

NFT Worlds 7-day average price / volume. sauce: High seas

NFT Worlds seems to be attracting Web3 advocates and developers who allow decentralization and APIs. As a high-entry digital land, NFT Worlds will integrate its rental system later this year, allowing owners to rent the world in exchange for the monthly fee of the in-game currency WRLD.

Running on a polygon network, WRLD has a reward faucet for creators who meet the criteria and are trying to integrate Play-to-Earn (P2E) games using tokens.

Investors seem to appreciate open source and interoperable capabilities as a suitable position for the next stage of the Metaverse.