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NFT News: Find the Latest Updates in a Weekly Liveblog for the Metaverse (UPDATED 12:17pm ET)

The world is expanding Draft Kings It is expanding accordingly. As the NFT continues to grow, this page will serve as a hub for the latest news and notes in this space.

Every week, we publish a live blog that is updated when news arrives, so you can get the latest information just by refreshing the page.

If you are new to Metaverse, check out Jeff’s. Quick breakdown What are NFTs and how they work. Let’s take a look at this week’s news.

Musical NFT that changes the game — December 15th 12:17 pm

Grammy Award Candidate @BT Affiliated with @ crypto888crypto Gala Games will then launch a series of live-coded 3D animated art and music NFTs called The Orbs. The first of their kind, these collections feature a unique generation score that is eternally changing. As the author explained, music is “live synthesis streamed from the blockchain”. These NFTs are built into Galaverse using special in-game utilities. Learn more about this unique project.

L’Oreal Paris announces new collection — December 14, 6:56 pm

L’Oreal Paris has partnered with UTA to create the company’s first NFT series. The collection focuses on women’s empowerment and features works by artists Amber Vittoria, Arena BB, Feman, Lilite and Pax.As explained in Lucky trader In summary, each artist created a unique piece inspired by the Color Riche collection. 100% of the primary sales will be donated to artists and a portion of the secondary market sales will be donated to support the Women of Worth. For more information, see L’Oreal Paris’ announcement on Twitter below.

Pepsi Mike Drop Mint — December 14, 6:14 pm

People on the Pepsi Mic Drop waiting list are allowed to mint. This collection contains 1,893 Genesis tokens to commemorate the year Pepsi was created. The project has gained incredible traction since its inception, with amounts exceeding 650 ETH.Check out the formula Pepsi Mike Drop Page For updates.

Warrior takes on Metaverse — December 14, 5:32 pm

The Golden State Warriors continue to be a pioneer in the Metaverse NBA team, partnering with FTX in “The First Cryptocurrency Partnership in Professional Sports.” This is the latest move in FTX in the basketball world. The cryptocurrency exchange platform became a hot topic earlier this year by purchasing the Miami Heat arena naming rights. FTX also boasts elite athletes Tom Brady and Stephen Curry as brand ambassadors. Now they have the opportunity to create the Warriors NFT as an official cryptocurrency platform and NFT marketplace since 2022. For more information, see the Golden State Tweets below.

The smell of noodles — December 14, 5:06 pm

Doodlebank is expanding. The first derivative project approved by the Doodles community will start tomorrow according to a three-step plan.

Day 1 is Doodlers’ free mint day. From 12:00 am to 8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Doodle owners who receive a free mint role and send a mint ETH address can mint one free noodle. This step is followed by Noodle Day, during which general sales begin. Finally, Friday will be the release date for all 5,555 collectibles.

Noodles will be available on the Ethereum blockchain at 0.05 ETH per NFT. Check out the tweets below for more details.

BAYC and Animoca are P2E gaming partners — December 13, 6:05 pm

Bored Ape Yacht Club and Animoca Brands today announced a partnership to develop a Play-to-Earn blockchain game featuring BAYC’s popular NFTs. Yuga Labs, creator of BAYC, expressed his enthusiasm for the next development: “We can work with Animoca Brands to grow the world of BAYC and expand the utilities and benefits offered to all Bored Ape NFT holders. I’m excited. ” A spokeswoman also described Animoca as a pioneer in the blockchain gaming industry. It is set to be a good start to 2022 for BAYC.Please check Official release For more information, visit the Animoca Brand website.

Nike Acquires RTFKT — December 13, 5:47 pm

The world’s number one shoe manufacturer has made a new move. This time, we will acquire NFT’s powerhouse RTFKT and jump into the Metaverse. The virtual collectible brand is best known for its project Clone X. This project now dominates the NFT headline after the recent announcement of Clone.

Now the two companies will be paired to tackle the virtual shoe industry.Multiple RTKFT co-founders expressed excitement twitter, Nike states that it has always been their inspiration. NIKE, Inc. John Donahoe, President and CEO of the company, said: “This acquisition accelerates Nike’s digital transformation, sports, creativity, games, culture … Our plan is to invest in the RTFKT brand and serve an innovative and creative community to grow. Let’s expand Nike’s digital footprint and capabilities. ”

The future of the virtual shoes industry is bright. Watch the reaction to the monumental move of NFT enthusiast Gary Vee on Twitter below.

Tony Hawk Mystery Container Drops on DraftKings Marketplace — December 13, 5:30 pm

Created by Autograph, Tony Hawk Mystery Containers are available to those with a Hawk Preseason Access Pass. Draft Kings Marketplace.. Users with this preferred access will be able to purchase mystery containers from 5 pm EST on Tuesday, two days before the public drop. Users can open the Mystery container from the “publication date” seven days after the start of the Early Access period. Each mystery container has specific collectibles of various rarities, such as “Front Side Cab” and “Varial 450”.Please check Breakdown of the signature regular season collection For more information.

BYOVERSE — December 13, 5:10 pm

It’s up to you to conquer the land when it comes to the Metaverse. BYOVERSE is so complex that you can watch this short crash course from your official @BYOPills Twitter account.

As officially stated BYO Bills website, BYOVERSE is a fertile land, full of cultivating opportunities and possibilities. There are only 10,056 BYOL and parcels, and your own terrain / resources are determined by the BYOPill you choose to mine the land.

You must own BYOPill and BYOVape to qualify for BYOLand. Land sales to pill and vapor owners are scheduled for Thursday, December 16th, from 9am to 5pm EST. BYOLand parcels can be purchased for 0.1 ETH. This sale is part of the first phase of the project, eventually followed by a metadata phase and a land selection phase.

Looking for more information on BYOVERSE? Check out the tweets below:

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