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NFT News: Adidas’ Into the Metaverse Update

The world is expanding Draft Kings It is expanding accordingly. As NFTs continue to grow, these daily articles serve as a hub for the latest news and notes in the space.

If you are new to Metaverse, Quick breakdown What are NFTs and how they work.Read me for those who want to participate in the game article How to set up your MetaMask wallet.

The adidas Originals team continues to develop a roadmap for the Into the Metaverse NFT campaign, but the company shared the latest information from the official. twitter account.

The update is divided into five parts, detailing Adidas’ physical product redemption plan and Phase 2 of the ITM (Into The Metaverse) token. ITM NFT holders can connect their wallets and order one physical product from adidas.

This effectively writes the original token and replaces it with Phase 2 to the Metaverse ERC-1155NFT. A gas fee is required for each redemption of tokens, so there is no need to rush to charge.

The update ended with the promise of a complete roadmap for the future. Check out the full adidas Originals thread below.

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