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NFT maximalists 🧙 – by William M. Peaster

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Dear country without banks

Anecdotally, many NFT power users seem to have escaped direct exposure to FTX’s collapse.


Well, over the past few years, many people have doubled down on crypto finished NFTs.

This is important because many of these same people were not interested in complex finance such as trading derivatives or leveraged trading on centralized exchanges, they just wanted to play around with digital items.

Having said that, you need you Own As such, the recent NFT boom is acting as a pipeline that will soon lead many to self-manage their ETH and other digital assets on-chain. No Keep them in CEX’s off-chain database.

Of course, self-management comes with great responsibility. Your keys, your cryptographic rights — but the money stays with you.

Still, things can be improved about educating and building guardrails here. In the meantime, it’s heartening to see there actually is a wave of new settlers making their way on the on-chain front.

Catch up on this week’s major headlines for the task at hand. Thanks for reading everyone ✌️


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  • Boad Ape Yacht Club BAYC price floor pushed higher this week’s trading activity less than 50Ξ First time since December 2021.

  • washes amortized 60% of A treasure trove of creative teams As a result of the collapse of FTX.

  • Yuga Lab Donated CryptoPunk #305 to Miami Institute of Contemporary Art. first initiative A member of the Punks Legacy Project.

    • Yuga Lab Also Acquired WENEWthe NFT content company behind the 10KTF collection, has acquired Beeple as an advisor as part of the deal.

  • Nike announced .Swooshthe virtual creations platform for the athletic apparel giant.

  • its launch virtual headquarters in Decentraland.

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