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NFT Marketplace OpenSea Launches Support for Solana ($SOL) Based NFTs

Popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace High seas In addition to NFTs equipped with Ethereum, NFTs equipped with Solana ($ SOL) are now supported.

according to Blog post According to the OpenSea team released on April 6, Solana “has emerged as one of the fastest growing NFT ecosystems in the world and is one of the most requested chains from the OpenSea community.” ..

Marketplace has announced beta support for Solana, which will allow users to buy, sell and transfer Solana-based NFTs on OpenSea. According to the platform, collaboration with Solana will bring a new set of “exciting projects and creative communities” to the NFT marketplace.

The beta will start with 165 launch partners, but their goal is to “bring the entire Solana creative community to OpenSea as soon as possible.” OpenSea wants users to interact with the beta and provide feedback and discussions via official Discord, hoping to help users add the “Solana Creators and Collection” they need to add next. is.

To participate in the beta, you need to get a Solana compatible wallet such as Phantom or Glow. You can then connect your wallet to OpenSea to list or buy Solana-based NFTs.

OpenSea customers[コレクションの探索]You can use the buttons to browse the featured collections of Solana NFTs and buy or offer NFTs included in the marketplace.


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