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NFT Marketplace OpenSea Blocks Users in Iran Due to U.S. Sanctions

Based in the United States NFT Marketplace OpenSea has begun blocking Iran-based users, according to reports from frustrated collectors and creators who have recently noticed that the site is inaccessible.

The person in charge of OpenSea Decryption Via email to block users based in authorized areas:

“OpenSea blocks users and regions on the US sanctions list from using our services, such as buying, selling, or transferring NFTs at OpenSea. The Terms of Service also block sanctioned users. Or we explicitly prohibit users in sanctioned areas from using our services. We have zero use of our services by sanctioned individuals or groups and people located in sanctioned countries. We have a tolerance policy. If we find that an individual violates our sanctions policy, we will take immediate steps to ban the relevant account. “

More than 5 Iranian OpenSea users report Problems, three of them Decryption Using the place while they were in Iran. Nimaleo Photo They write that their photo collection is no longer visible on the platform.

Iran-based OpenSea user Arman Error 404 message When trying to access the marketplace. And Arefeh Norouzii said today that the confirmed account is ” No explanation.. “

The OpenSea Discord server moderator, known as RyanW, frequently responds to support requests within the server, but earlier this morning “I didn’t know about Iran’s account bans.”

Screenshot from OpenSea discord server.

OpenSea has faced many frustrated users in recent months.Recently $ 1.7 million External phishing attacks, Proceedings Beyond the boring Ape NFT allegedly “stolen”, and $ 1.8 million The site, which was refunded to users who lost their NFTs in an OpenSea list exploit, continues to face challenges, despite billions of dollars. Monthly sales..

Editor’s Note: This article and its headlines have been updated after publication to reflect comments from OpenSea confirming the block.


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