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NFT marketplace Aimee rebranded | App Developer Magazine

PolkaFantasy has announced the rebranding of its NFT marketplace Aimee. The launch will feature a limited collection by artist Keiji Inafune, known as “Beastroid”. Alex Hui explains that Beastroid is a rare opportunity to collect futuristic robots from his collection.

Polka Fantasy Announces Rebranding Launch NFT MarketplaceAimee, on August 4th and 7th we are going to bring people all over the world together for the love of NFT.

PolkaFantasy Launches Rebranded NFT Marketplace Aimee

As part of the launch, Amy will Exclusive NFT Collection With legendary artist Keiji Inafune, also known as “Beastroid”. Credited for his prolific art career and his contributions to Mega Men and Street Fighter, Mr. Inafune is dedicated to creating a futuristic world of robots where Beastroids fight to save humanity from extinction. lent his fantastical talents.

“This is a rare opportunity to collect futuristic and robotic artworks with Keiji Inafune. By joining this robo revolution, users will only be able to collect Inafune’s handcrafted characters in an exclusive community. You can also offer a premium without it. User access To interact with Mr. Inafune at future social events,” said Alex Hoi, CEO of Polka Fantasy.

The “Beastroid” collection tells the futuristic story of a human race facing extinction as a result of climate change. While trying to block, they struggle to reach the last few refuges on Earth.The Beastroid’s mission is to protect humanity. Its unique characters: hyena, cat, lizard and hippopotamus are thoughtfully crafted with unique qualities and characteristics.

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