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NFT Marketing Agency Lunar Strategy Release Their Services As NFTs    

Lunar Strategy, a cryptocurrency, blockchain and NFT marketing agency, is currently investing in the Open Sea NFT Marketplace by releasing its own service as a micro NFT collection. There are 6 service NFTs in this collection, which can be purchased and used to use the services of the agency.

“Release NFTs was an obvious strategy for us. We want to show the world what we are doing. As the saying goes, showing is better than telling. We have chosen to release a number of NFTs that showcase a lot of the work we are doing with LunarStrategy. Each NFT contains a related month of service. We’ve also created a rogue gallery featuring 8-bit artwork from key members of the team, but for now it’s safe to say that you can’t really own a team. “Jack Halderson, Moon strategy.

The Lunar Strategy collection includes NFT services such as crypto community management, social media management, influencer marketing management, public relations, paid advertising and social media content.

When you purchase an NFT, the referral call from the Lunar Strategy team is unlocked and each NFT includes a month’s worth of service in the price. NFTs are basically a month’s worth of service from an innovative marketing company, but it’s unclear if there’s a feature that NFTs will offer if they are resold to a second buyer.

The Moon Strategy has also released a pixel art version of the Moon’s key team members, but as Jack said, owning the artwork does not include the actual team members. This is a shame. After all, who doesn’t want the little Daft Punk Shanholberg or Juletta Osa around the office? Aside from ownership issues, you can access Lunar’s own team of virtual galleries to see everything as the artist intended.

Adding functionality to NFTs is not a new idea. Whereas NFTs have traditionally been used to prove membership, add power-ups to video games, and even access streaming content, the Lunar collection is an organization’s digital token for its own services. We’ll see if smart strategies work over time, but what’s certain is that LunarStrategy has proved that it knows how to avoid NFT marketing.

The release of the Lunar Strategy NFT is now available on OpenSea, and this isn’t the first time the positive Lunar Strategy has headlined this month. Last week, co-founder Jack Haldorsson created the company’s first blockchain guidebook.

The only guide you need for NFT and crypto marketing is currently available on Amazon and is described as the most comprehensive NFT and crypto marketing guide out there. The book has been acclaimed since its release, and now there is talk of a sequel.

Check out their website for more information on Lunar Strategy, their new collection, Jack Haldorsson, or the only guide you need for NFTs and Crypto Marketing. here ..


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