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NFT domains marketplace launches minting of .metaverse, .VR, .chain addresses

The NFT Domain Marketplace has announced that it will be able to create a number of premium extensions such as .metaverse, .VR, .chain and more.

According to, the advent of these new domain names will give consumers and projects a highly desirable and memorable address.

At first glance, it may look like a mundane web URL, but it is said that the market actually offers far more URLs.

Not only can you simplify encrypted transactions by eliminating long alphanumerical wallet addresses (typo-prone characters and long strings of numbers), these domains are universal across Web3, whether game or virtual. Can be used as a user name. world.

Full ownership eliminates the risk of centralization and censorship, and it is also possible to build websites on top of these domains.

Quik With the release of the platform’s Chrome extension, all of these compelling use cases will be realized and are expected to hit the market by the end of the year.

Such personalized domains are set up to be the foundation of Web3. This is a world where tech giants are circumvented and data control is returned to users. And these usernames not only provide important identifiers in our online life, but also act as crypto wallets that can securely store digital assets.

Even better, the extensions offered don’t end here — .metaverse, .Chain, .VR .doge, .shib, .bored, .web3, .btc, .address, .i are also available. Collectively, this gives users the freedom to have a domain that matches the cryptocurrency or technology they most believe in.

How to create a blockchain domain

Quik states that the process of creating or purchasing an NFT domain is quick and hassle-free. They are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. That is, you are freed from centralized entities such as ICANN.

Users can log in or sign up for an account on using MetaMask or another mobile wallet. From here, you can search for the desired username and complete the transaction.

Of course, the world of NFT domain names can be very competitive. That is, you can quickly find a specific name or one-word address. If a preferred address is not available, Quik’s system offers a variety of alternatives to help you find the perfect address.

If you approve the transaction in your wallet, it will be validated on the Ethereum network. This means that you don’t have to wait too long for your NFT domain to appear in your profile and be available in the way you think it is appropriate.

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Tomorrow’s internet

Quik regularly announces new domain names — and provides a countdown to future launches so users can get premium titles first.

A vibrant marketplace also means that you can explore domains sold by other users — use the short crypto-related username top picks shared on the Quik home page.

In the not too distant future, decentralized websites will play a greater role in our online life and potentially form an important part of our identity. And Quik’s vision is simple. It’s about providing transparency and making it easy for anyone to list, sell, and buy these digital products.

Also, the domain needs to be renewed every year, but anyone who gets a Quik domain will own it permanently and pay all fees in advance. It can also be sold in a dedicated marketplace in the future, if desired.

Once upon a time there was competition to snap the most memorable .com domains. Currently, all eyes are looking at the most coveted usernames on the blockchain, and Quik is opening the door to all of them.

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