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NFT Collector Who Fell To A Phishing Scam Takes OpenSea To Court

NFT collector Robbie Acres sued OpenSea NFT Marketplace For continuing to lock his account after the fraud. A collector is unhappy that the NFT Marketplace is not responding to his complaint after he lost his collection to a phishing scam.

But Collector’s lead attorney argued that Acre’s case was not alone.

Robbie Acres said he immediately reported it to OpenSea after his NFT was stolen by a phishing scam. But it took him 48 hours before the market reacted. Before that, the thief sold his property at a lower price.

Acres added that his account had been locked for more than three months as OpenSea’s countermeasures against the hack. Investors are demanding market justice for withholding assets despite repeated requests for access to them. He also alleges that OpenSea wanted the statement to verify itself before unlocking the account.

Lawyers advise OpenSea to prioritize customers over revenue

Acre hopes the market will compensate him for the losses he has suffered. He claims that OpenSea’s actions have cost him big losses as an active investor in Web3.

However, his attorney, Enrico Schaefer, said Acres was not the first to face such problems with OpenSea. He claimed to have represented multiple clients where their NFTs were stolen and where he had their OpenSea marketplace accounts compromised.

Lawyers say OpenSea admits its own shortcomings and sometimes compensates customers, sometimes ignoring them.

Additionally, Enrico Schaefer said OpenSea should prioritize the satisfaction of customers trading NFTs on its platform, rather than focusing on growth and revenue.

However, an OpenSea spokesperson said the alleged theft occurred outside of OpenSea’s platform and that the thieves had sold the goods before receiving notice. Regardless of the circumstances, OpenSea took action to deactivate the item and the user’s account. However, he added that OpenSea had unlocked his Acres account.

NFT Marketplace also said it has invested in tools and personnel to prevent such occurrences, detect theft, and block the resale of stolen goods on its platform. In their words, theft is the hardest problem in the crypto ecosystem. This is because it happens through several unique communication channels across different digital surface areas.

Phishing site theft is rampant in NFT Marketplace

On August 11, 2022, OpenSea will launch a new stolen goods policy Adoption and expanded use of police reports. One user responded to this via his Twitter, claiming that OpenSea was useless when the NFT was stolen.

Phishing site It is becoming a threat to the cryptocurrency industry, including NFT marketplaces. It disguises the Private Auction feature as a login button and tricks the victim into unknowingly surrendering her NFT.

Bitcoin falls below $23,000 l BTCUSDT on

A new hacking attack threatens NFT owners in the OpenSea marketplace. This hack accesses users’ accounts through the functionality of the OpenSea platform and lures users to phishing sites to make them lose their items.

anti-theft project harpy warned OpenSea NFT holders beware of this new hacking system. The announcement noted that many users have lost millions of dollars to hacking Ape.

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