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NFT Collection Doodles Adds Pharrell To The Board, Gets Investment From Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian: Here Are The Details

Popular Non-substitutable token The collection has been busy with several announcements in the last 24 hours.This is Doodle What will be announced and what will come?

New Chief Brand Officer: Released in October 2021 Doodle It is one of the best-selling NFT collections based on minimum price and secondary sale.

Doodles announces the addition of Grammy Award-winning musicians and producers Pharrell Williams To the title of company board and chief brand officer.

“Farrell believes in using the power of Web3 to revolutionize the music industry. His move to Doodles marks an exciting era of blockchain technology and entertainment. Pharrell with Doodles We will work closely together to take a Web3-based approach to music, art, animation, consumer goods and live events.

Doodles’ vision is to build “the world’s largest and most beloved Web3 media brand,” including bridging the gap between consumer, culture and entertainment.

The company announced that it will release Doodles Records: Volume 1Its first music release, in partnership with Farrell and Columbia Records, Sony Group Corporation Sony.. This album contains album art by other recording artists and co-founders of Doodles. Burnt toast.

The album will be sold as an NFT.

Doodles recently Julian Holgin, Formerly the president of Billboard, he was the CEO of the company for a move that could signal a move into music.

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New investment: Doodles Seven Seven Six, Leading venture capital fund Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian..

The investment will help expand the growth and evolution of Doodle’s IP in the future, the company said.

“We are motivating us to raise money with meaningful partners who share common values ​​and transform the next digital frontier of entertainment,” Holguin said with the perfect partner of Ohanian and Seven Seven Six. calling.

Caterin Hollowway Join the Doodles Advisory Board from Sevensix. Holloway previously worked for Reddit and Pixar. Walt Disney Co DIS..

“As an early Doodles holder (I bought a thru that looks like a daughter like eight months ago), I was excited when a Seven Seven Six partner said he would lead the first Doodles funding round. . “Ohanian Tweet..

Ohanian said Seven Seven Six is ​​proud to invest in some of the best founders and saw a chance after watching Doodles activation live at SXSW in Texas in March. ..

“Maybe this Doodles team will be happy to work with us,” Ohanian said, referring to the ability to help take the project to another level and scale it up.

Ohanian said he has a proud history of being early in the field of cryptocurrencies with over a decade of investment.

“I wasn’t as optimistic as I am now.”

According to Ohanian, builders are under construction and future technology is exciting.

Ohanian joked that he was preparing for his wife’s work event by recording a speech instead of appearing live in a Doodles presentation (Serena Williams) I was referring to the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in England.

What’s next: Doodles also announced that it is one of the first NFT brands available in the tokengate app “gm Shop”. Shopify Inc shop..

The new Doodle product will be available to owners and non-owners through the Shopify partnership.

Graffiti too Was teased “Doodles 2” with tweets and trailers.

Price action: Trailers and recent announcements were enough to increase sales Doodle According to data from, daily sales have increased by 996% in the last 24 hours. CryptoSlam..

DoupplicatorThe NFT collection from the team, most likely referred to in the trailer, has seen a 180% increase in sales over the last 24 hours.

Doodles ranks 13th in history in the NFT collection, with sales of over $ 500 million.

The minimum Doodle fee at the time of writing is 15.3. Ethereum ETH / USD, Or about $ 17,275. The minimum charge for Dooplicators is 3.9 ETH.

Photo: Farrell, Courtesy Doodles

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