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New OpenSea Security Features and London’s NFT Vending Machine

Art Gobblers became the talk of the NFT community After earning over $20 million on the Blur Marketplace in the first 24 hours of the project this week.

The Paradigm-backed collection has also sparked controversy over its relationship with Justin Roiland, co-creator of the animated show Rick and Morty.

Meanwhile, Instagram said the social network will become an NFT marketplace As part of the Meta subsidiary’s plans to attract more users to the creator economy. Starting with a select group of US creators, Instagram will soon allow users to create and sell digital assets directly.

Here are some other notable cases that caught the attention of Web3 Watch:

Europe’s first NFT vending machine arrives in London

The 2022 NFT London Conference kicked off this week with neon purple NFT vending machines welcoming attendees outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre. A user can pay him £10 GBP ($11.37) for his NFT worth up to £1,000.

Photo by Ornella Hernandez for Blockworks

The customer selects an envelope within the display and enters the provided code like any other vending machine. After paying with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card, the customer receives an envelope with her QR code. He will receive the NFT using an existing wallet or set up a new wallet.

Supported NFTs include projects such as Dr. Who Worlds Apart, Thunderbirds and Delft Blue Night Watch.

Proceeds from the vending machine go to a charity split between Giveth, an organization that funds services and education in developing countries, and Roald Dahl’s Marvelous Children’s Charity.

Back in February, Solana blockchain-based NFT marketplace Neon installed its first NFT vending machine in New York.

NFT by the numbers, DappRadar report

Latest from DappRadar Industry report found NFT volume fell 30% from September to $662 million in October, the lowest monthly volume on record this year.

While Ethereum and Solana registered the steepest declines, Polygon’s trading volume and sales increased 770% from September. This is probably due to the success of his NFT collection on Reddit. Polygon and BNB Chain also increased sales by 60% during the same period.

Still, competition among NFT marketplaces is heating up. Newcomer Blur launched in his October with at least $14 million in funding from venture capital firm Paradigm, plus details from NFT-native investment fund 6529 and digital art collector Cozomo de ‘Medici. I am receiving additional unknown support.

The hype surrounding Blur is largely due to the overnight success of the Art Gobblers project. After four days on the market, he has a volume of Ether (ETH) of $61.9 million at the time of the collection’s issuance.

Despite this, OpenSea maintains almost 50% share of the total market. His OpenSea market dominance in October was down 8.3% compared to his August, while NFT trading volume was down 12.1% ($313 million) month-over-month. This is the lowest trading volume since July 2021.

OpenSea’s New Anti-Theft Feature

As the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea typically has the highest number of frauds and thefts. We are now turning our attention to addressing this challenge, introduce a new system to get rid of villains.

OpenSea can now proactively scan URLs shared on the platform against a blacklist of known malicious sites. You can also analyze interactions and transactions with new URLs to identify malicious behavior such as signature farming or wallet exfiltration. OpenSea suspends accounts of known scammers.

A second update to the Marketplace aims to discourage the resale of potentially stolen digital items. We would like to start training our system so that it can detect NFT theft more effectively.

OpenSea’s goal is to According to the company blog“Both OpenSea and elsewhere in the NFT ecosystem will help make the ecosystem more secure by reducing downstream sales of stolen items, and reduce incentives for NFT theft in the first place.”

Y00ts NFT Images “Finally” Revealed

About two months later, the creators of the Solana collection “y00ts mint t00b” unveiled the project art. Anyone who buys her t00b, which is essentially a vial, can burn it to mint his y00t NFT.

Dust Labs, the company behind the project, did not disclose the reason for the delay.he murmured He planned to focus on the 1:1 art space instead of PFP.

Holders share their new NFTs on cryptocurrency Twitter. 1 user commented How she “finally became y00ted” and more claimed That “great” art was worth the wait.

This collection (15,000 NFTs in total) centers around sheep avatars. Dust Labs A new model of copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) License.

NFT IP rights are not specific to any particular owner. Rather, the rights reside in a publicly known registry for whoever is authorized to use the NFT’s IP. Use the ⓨ symbol instead of the standard ⓒ copyright symbol.

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