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New Interactive NFT Platform Storyverse Welcomes The Bored Apes in First-Ever Community-Driven Story

Los Angeles, United States, February 17, 2022, Chainwire

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Storyverse brings profile photos (PFP) to life and helps bottom-up brands grow

Storyverse, the first ever interactive story platform for PFP, unveiled this week Ape Stories, an interactive storytelling game featuring Bored Apes owned by a prominent member of the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club. Storyverse provides a code-free, interactive story game publishing tool for the PFP community looking to collaborate on creating stories that add value and build to their brand. Communities, tools and tokens work together to drive an exciting and new community-driven character economy.

Following the February 3rd announcement of Storyverse, Bored Apes Yacht Club community members Eric Golden, ZenecaWhen Tropo Farmer We donated apes to Ape Stories and made them the first collection of “Enter the Storyverse”. This is the first time these owners have seen apes move and interact with others.

“I like the way Storyverse allows owners to add utilities to PFP,” said Tropofarmer, owner of Bored Ape. “Whether you’re using the platform to create your own entertaining story or license a particular PFP to another creator, you can leverage your assets in a very interesting way.”

Storyverse was created by game innovator Justin Waldron and Michael Carter, the founder of Playco, the world’s largest HTML5 game developer. Waldron is an advisor to Dapper Labs, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, and Immutable. Carter is known for inventing Websocket, an Internet protocol widely used for real-time communication.

“Story Bath focuses on unleashing people’s desire to create. And with web3, it means that you can focus on the assets you actually own. With a simple tool, who But you can create fun interactive stories with your favorite characters, “Waldron said. “We are very excited about the ape-like community jumping in to create a story.”

In the first week, Storyverse captivated an impressive community of enthusiastic creators from around the world.Notable games Cryptography Influential people such as Poopie, Chain Runners, Keisuke Honda, Carly Reilly (host of expensive JPEG podcasts), Joel Comm (Nifty Show podcasts), Big Head Club, and Immutable X are also paying attention. Momentum should accelerate as more PFP projects and stories come online.

About Storyverse

Storyverse Blockchain Playco’s project focused on no-code game publishing tools for the PFP community. This allows PFP owners to create and publish personalized interactive storytelling games about their PFP and post links anywhere on the web. UGC tools put the development and lore of PFP characters into the hands of the community, creating a new generation of interactive community-creating games (called stories) that people can play. Playco is the world’s first instant game company. It’s ready to play on your smartphone or PC, with instant content and gameplay capabilities to deliver console-quality games that can be delivered to more users faster and at lower cost. The company’s mission is to bring the world closer through play. Playco was recently co-led by Josh Buckley and Sequoia Capital Global Equities and includes Walter Kortschak and some of Silicon Valley’s most successful investors, including early investors from Chainlink, Blockstream, Alchemy, StrongBlock and Wax for $ 100 million. Completed Series A funding.

See boring apes Enter the story berth here

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