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New crypto alliance will target ‘market manipulation and abuse’

Big Tech was born out of a few weeks of busy earnings. Most of those companies will find their income pretty good … Excluding meta..

Amazon and Microsoft have pointed out the cloud business as a brilliant point, but chip companies say they feel that the overall chip crisis is being increasingly curtailed. On the other hand, TikTok seems to be scared by everyone as the competition for supremacy of short-format video intensifies. Second, there is Tesla, who is more interested in humanoid robots than cars.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest points from technology revenue in the last few weeks.

TikTok is taking over

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that everyone knows the truth. TikTok is a force to consider.As a stock of meta Tanked aquarium After the company reported the first decline in Facebook users, Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of short-format video. Therefore, expect more focus on Meta’s short-format video feature, Reels, as it looks like it will take over TikTok. Meta isn’t the only plate form that feels the pressure from the short video giants.Sundar Pichai said YouTube is continuing Focus on shortsYour own TikTok clone.

The key to building the best short video platform seems to depend on how well companies can handle creators. YouTube Highlighting All the ways creators can make money from the platform at the end of last month, and Instagram has just started Testing Creator subscription.

Apple’s privacy protection was bad, especially for Meta.

According to Meta, Apple’s ad tracking changes require the app to ask users if they want tracking, and as a result, $ 10 Billion Sales Decline This year. It’s been a long time since the approval.The company announced in October that Apple’s ad tracking rules Must hurt your business.. “Facebook advertising products no longer cut mustard thanks to changes in Apple iOS,” Alexis Ohanian said. I got it..

Snap also expressed concern about Apple’s changes a few months ago, but CFO Derek Anderson said the company. Bounced off From the change of “faster than expected”. However, Snap remains cautious, adding that it will take another couple of quarters for advertising partners to completely lag behind the new measurement solution.

Pinterest was also worried about Apple’s changes, but its retail advertisers Helped offset That concern.

What kind of chip is missing?

The tip shortage has not been resolved, but tip companies performed well this quarter.Qualcomm Worked well This quarter, Samsung When Apple, Said that the chip crisis mainly affected older models.Intel too Post The highest quarterly and full year earnings in its history.

No one is so optimistic about the shortage: Tesla said it Will not be released This year’s new model also has a bottleneck.

Competition in the cloud

AWS continues to lead the cloud computing business, Long-term forecast Google and Microsoft will eventually surpass it. Microsoft Azure revenue increased 46%, Google Cloud increased 44% in the previous quarter, while AWS revenue increased 40%.

However, Satya Nadella believes Microsoft could make a big move in the next quarter.He said that cloud infrastructure will be available from autumn Fighting inflation, And while Azure growth slowed from 50% and 51% in the previous two quarters, the company still broadcasts optimistic outlook. Microsoft has shown that its cloud business will continue to accelerate in the next quarter, and given Amazon’s dominance in business software, committed Office 365 users will shift in the direction of wanting everyone. I hope that. Enterprise technology in one place..

Amazon continues to feel the labor crisis

Amazon is still working on a labor shortage. This issue is affecting Amazon Prime. $ 20 increase The number of annual members is increasing, partly due to rising costs for workers.Andy Jassy said the labor shortage continued due to the surge in COVID-19 cases, but wages and transportation costs also rose. Not helping..

Amazon Prime price increases follow the company’s stressful holiday season.Amazon Spent billions Apple said it lost billions of dollars due to similar issues, but to offset labor, shipping and supply chain issues ahead of the holiday season. Apple hasn’t completely overcome labor shortages and high shipping costs, but these problems are Give up By March.

Tesla is in its own world

Of course, Amazon could also be competing with Tesla Race for the first efficient electric truck.. But Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be aware.

The lack of chips is preventing Tesla from ultimately offering Cybertruck. Produced by 2021.. But he missed his self-setting deadline and again delayed his expectations for at least another year.

Instead, Musk wants to look at all the flashy new humanoid robots that Tesla will release … at some point, probably this year. (As we have learned, musk has a poor deadline.) Codenamed “Optimus”, Musk said it was the “most important product development” that Tesla is working on. AI apocalypse Only a few years ago.

Tech companies are still trying to find a way to moderate their content.

“It’s important to me not to take the position of a content censor.”

Are you familiar? It was the CEO of Spotify explaining to investors how to handle the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Last week’s blog post, Prior to the announcement of the company’s financial results.But that’s Very similar How Mark Zuckerberg explains his thoughts on content moderation again and again..

Have you ever learned the platform? Perhaps not until income forces their hands. And while Spotify’s stock hit Joe Rogan’s controversy by about 20%, the company said it would be blown away, like Netflix’s controversial decision to stick to Dave Chappelle. I want. “Usually, if there was a dispute in the past, they are measured monthly rather than daily, but we feel good about where we are in relation to it,” he said.

Giants in some industries are losing momentum for the first time.

FAANG — Initials of five tech stocks that appeared to be permanently tied to the moon.

Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet seem unstoppable, but last week’s revenue call rocked the inevitability of Meta and Netflix. Facebook Daily users decreased for the first timeNetflix’s membership growth has slowed, but Netflix forecasts even darker news next quarter.

However, there is no mistake. The giant remains a giant. Facebook’s daily user base is close to 2 billion, with even more significant declines in the United States, but Netflix added 8.3 million new subscribers in the previous quarter. However, stock prices were still hit hard. Fall About 20% after profit. So it may not be the end of the road yet, but you may be able to see the ceiling.


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