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Netmarble’s upcoming 3v3 shooter with play-to-earn (NFT) elements is now available

net marbleLeading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has announced a casual shooter Golden Brothers Now available in android When iOS device.The Golden Brothers are Coming NFT element Real time 3v3 fight between squads.

Golden Brothers are expected to succeed with very simple controls and intuitive combat rules that anyone can easily adopt. Players can also choose from several maps and play wherever they come up with. strategy To win the battle.

Golden Brothers is Netmarble’s latest title to launch in the blockchain technology category.

In-game combat is short, just over 3 minutes. Players participate in his 3v3 crypto battle and work together to motivate them to betray their enemies. Team momentum can change at any time. This is because Brothers can gain capsule abilities during gameplay, which can have a significant impact on match results. To outwit your opponents, players need to adopt different strategies, strategically create their own configurations, and react quickly to the forces gained on the battlefield.

Image via Netmarble

9 unique costumes with different ratings Jennifer, Sugar Sugar, Lady Thunder, When Margaret A long-awaited item that can be worn during battle. Depending on the outfit’s rating, players receive different specifications in terms of durability, token acquisition rate, etc.

The game has been expanded to provide a more stable and satisfying gameplay experience based on the early access phase results. After the grand launch, all players who participated in the early access period will immediately start earning early access tokens (100 eBP = 1 red gadget) is converted to a red gadget. Maintaining a higher tier increases a miner’s chances of extracting her GBC and also acts as a deterrent to match-fixing, bot activity, and fraudulent account formation.

Layers can develop their own battle strategies with the help of various game features such as simple control schemes, clear combat guidelines, and several maps. Short battle time, various interesting and unique “Brothers,” and the opportunity to create your own growth tree through skill configurations, allowing players to face new challenges in each match. English, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, French, When German These are just a few of the languages ​​the game supports.

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