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Mystic Moose Raises $5M To Create Planet Mojo


Developer Mystic Moose revealed last week that it raised $ 5 million to help create new games. Planet Mojo.. The company received a series of funds sponsored by Animoca Brands with investment returns and participation from multiple companies such as Courtside Ventures, Republic Crypto, Polygon Studios and Sky Vision Capital. We’re usually not very keen on promoting games that focus solely on NFT material, but it’s fascinating to see the world this kind of thing is creating and funding. Many AAA titles with well-known IPs aren’t immediately given millions of dollars to make that happen. So it’s just daunting to see many companies jump into indie ventures because of the word “NFT”. See how long it will take to complete the game and whether the boom will continue when it is released.

Credit: Mystic Moose

Planet Mojo Is a player-versus-player (PvP) cross-platform auto chess game reinvented for blockchain, where players own the game character (as NFT) and can play and earn in ongoing tournaments. Players can customize their game characters and assets, Planet Mojo universe. Mojo is coming, and these devilishly powerful plant creatures need your help to save their planet! Soon, Mojos will drop to a small number of lucky people as NFTs.

Enter a rich and diverse world filled with many races that you can command, customize and incorporate into a team of powerful champions! Planet Mojo A metaverse of blockchain games built by veterans such as LucasArts, EA and Activision. Players compete with customized teams in a series of E-Sports PvP and Play-To-Earn games set in a rich new alien world. Planet Mojo It will be a community-led experience and will move to full decentralization. Our early adopters are rewarded with great perks and access to early games. Join us to build a new world together!

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