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Mutant Froggo – the new modern-day superheroes are here to

SINGAPORE, Singapore, Sept. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Mutant Froggo project is the latest and hottest addition to the cryptocurrency space. Born from seasoned cryptocurrency veterans and genius brains. The collection consists of unique and funky looking NFTs of his, the project includes not only comical trailers but also numerous utilities and features for consumers to interact with and enjoy.

  • The Mutant Froggo team works tirelessly for the sole benefit of investors and future owners.
  • The project integrates interactive and fun spaces while providing revenue incentives that can be tracked in future mobile applications.
  • Mutant Froggo has a lot of potential with multiple acquisition methods.

Now dubbed “the new hero of the Web3 and DeFi space,” Mutant Froggo emerges from the swamp to offer prospective investors and owners massive revenue, utility, and benefits. At least, that’s their team’s promise. The project claims to have numerous utilities that will surely attract potential customers. Including but not limited to; their NFT collection, Mutant Mobile Application, Mutant Marketplace, Mutant Froggo Comic, Future Jump2Earn Developments and the list goes on! Indeed, the team’s projects and capabilities have proven very promising so far.

With investors as the primary beneficiary, the team’s vision and mission is to reinforce the idea that projects work to the benefit of only those who actively support and believe in them. – This is very different from other projects that don’t prioritize investors and don’t offer a truly valuable use case for collection. Better than This project aims to build an ecosystem rather than just one of his projects. So new utilities are also in our future plans and we are actively working on them. This gives investors an additional incentive to participate and retain as they embark on Mutant Froggo’s journey.

The primary use case for this project is the fun-looking NFTs featured on their website and trailer. This is because despite the current market conditions, NFTs are still on the rise. The project to expand your influence is no joke, the team behind Mutant Froggos seems to have done some research on current market trends. Just owning an NFT investor earns owner rewards through automatic staking of contracts and monthly subscription features as opposed to the traditional earning mode infused with NFT collections. You can earn Each Mutant Frog NFT has a different rarity and also offers a different MPY (Monthly Percentage Yield) that allows the owner to claim additional $FROGGO tokens. The higher the NFT rarity, the higher the MPY earning rate. Utilizing monthly subscriptions and refunding all fees to the owner, this innovative business model opens the door to future project planning and offers the benefits of ownership to current users as well. His NFT staking outside of automatic rewards is also ongoing, providing yet another way to earn NFTs.

Another trend has hit the market recently: managing revenue through applications, preferably mobile. Mutant He Froggo quickly realized this throughout the concept phase and last year worked on her Web3 integrated trading and data management application for IOS and Android mobile his devices. In this application, users manage their assets (NFTs), access the mutant her marketplace, and store functional technology currently in development. Through this application, users will be able to calculate, track and manipulate their assets in a secure space, ensuring a fresh and unique experience for cryptocurrency investors. Additionally, the Mutant Marketplace is also located within the Mutant Mobile App for easy access on the go. It’s still in development, but nearing the final stages. This means it will be available immediately after the launch of the native token $FROGGO this October.

Modern projects and the teams behind them need to be flexible and adaptable to both market trends and conditions. The staff behind this project aims to do just that by adding new features to existing ones. In the early stages of development is the Jump2Earn technology that allows investors to continuously grow their existing assets. This not only benefits holders by significantly increasing the amount of money they can earn, but it also drives further demand for NFTs, exponentially increasing the value of Mutant Froggo NFTs. At the same time, we promote healthy and prosperous lifestyles for our active investor community.

There is no doubt that many projects are popping up these days. That’s why it’s so important to scour the market for gems and seize the opportunities presented to you.Mutant Froggo is definitely a diamond in the rough and a project to watch for everyone in the future!

With immediate sustainable rewards on offer and only 1,000 NFTs minted in the first wave, this collection is sure to go fast! Interested in securing your spot? Interested investors will have the opportunity to get started on the Mutant Froggo Project starting October 9!This is the start of his 3-day fair launch pre-sale at the Pinksale. All of this leads to the exciting and highly marketed launch of the Native Token ($FROGGO) via Pancakeswap on October 13th, with Mutant his Frog NFT Mint coming soon!

$FROGGO is based on the Binance Smart Chain Network, with a total supply of 4,000,000 tokens without team supply. This project is determined to prove its mission possible by working to provide the most lucrative revenue streams not yet offered in the field.

With many updates constantly being published, being promoted throughout the community, and nearing launch, NOW OR NEVER! See Mutant Froggo Project for more information.









The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. We encourage you to practice due diligence (including consulting with a professional financial advisor before investing in or trading in securities or cryptocurrencies.



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