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#MusicNFT News: OneOf signs WMG • Li’l Yachty sues Ditto’s Opulous • Yellowheart promotes ticketing • OpenSea admits 80% scam rate • more

Warner Music Group (WMG) and Green, Consumer-Friendly Music Web3 Startup one of We are partnering to create an artist-specific NFT across WMG’s vast catalog.

Trading prefers it one of Partner WMG also recently announced a deal with NFTs. Block party When sandbox.

Quincy Jones Supported OneOf launched NFT collection at Whitney Houston, Doja Cat, Alesso, The Game, Chief Keef, Pia Mia others.

“Web3 is a huge leap in technology, expanding the scale and scope of both human and machine interactions far beyond what we can imagine today.” Warner Music Group, Chief Digital Officer and EVP of Business Development, Oana Ruxandra..

“From collectibles to music royalties, NFTs and Web3 represent the pulsating consumer demand and the exciting future of the music industry,” he said. OneOf CEO, Lin Dai. “We have partnered with Warner Music Group to innovate and use cutting-edge Web3 technology to bring their iconic label and world-renowned artists to the next 100 million fans of the blockchain. I’m really excited about it. “

• Indie distributionr Ditto Music Opulous Web3 startups are being sued by Lil Yachty, A person who claims that the company has promoted an NFT collection containing his music without permission.

“The defendant knew that he did not have permission to use the plaintiff’s name, trademark, or image … but he did so anyway. [it] By explicitly and consciously ignoring the plaintiff’s exclusive legal rights, it was beneficial to the defendant’s for-profit business. ” Proceedings..

• NFTs “live” live event tickets Yellow heart CEO Josh Katz Said Yahoo! Finance..

“In other words, this gives artists transparency about their sales and eliminates the need for intermediaries, because most artists have real access to their fan base through social media.” Katz Said. “Once fans know about music, tickets, etc., they need to go to a third party to buy what. [an NFT] It allows artists and fans to have a direct symbiotic relationship without an intermediary. “

•• OpenSeProbably the largest NFT marketplace and used by many musicians is that they are fighting a large number of villains after launch. “Free casting” tool This allows you to create and sell NFTs without the usual “gas” charges.

“We initially built a shared storefront contract to make it easier for creators to join the space,” the statement said. OpenSea Twitter account .. “But recently I’ve seen an exponential increase in misuse of this feature. Over 80% of the items created with this tool were plagiarized works, fake collections, and spam. ”

• Rising Country Artist Tyler Rich Launched a fan-focused collection of NFTs, including a 3D card with a 30-second audio clip of his new track “A Little Bit of You”.

Lich partners with NFT platform And he was the first Big Machine Label Group artist to create an NFT.

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