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Mushroom Supplement Label VidaCap Set to Release Rare, Collectible NFT’s on Ethereum Blockchain

The popular US Mushroom Supplement Label VidaCap will release 50 rare and original digital NFT designs available for purchase. February 7 At the OpenSea Marketplace. All proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be donated to research on Alzheimer’s disease.

For those unfamiliar with technology, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a bit of code that assigns ownership to their own digital work. Similar to trading stocks and cryptocurrencies, NFT owners buy and sell digital assets in the hope that their value will increase over time. However, unlike traditional stocks, most NFTs are on the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain and are traded through OpenSea (a digital marketplace dedicated to buying and selling NFTs).

“There are two ideas behind this exciting project,” said a VidaCap spokeswoman. Jeff Yauk.. “We want to raise education and awareness about the health benefits of functional mushrooms, and we want to support our legitimate purpose by donating all of our proceeds to research on Alzheimer’s disease. increase.”

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VidaCap has created five unique digital designs for NFT releases. One is for each type of mushroom to be mixed (lion’s mane, C. versicolor, Reishi, Cordyceps sinensis, Chaga).A total of 50 collectable NFT cards will be released and available for purchase in combination with various background designs. February 7 At OpenSea. VidaCap will also give individuals who purchase NFTs in the first week of release a free bottle of mushroom capsules. In addition, 125 collectable cards will be physically printed and randomly awarded to individuals who purchase within the first week.

“This event is about charity, education, outreach, and there is no better way to fight good fights and support good goals than through the exciting new world of cryptocurrencies and NFT technology.” Says Yauck.

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